Do you support BBC decision to invite the BNP leader to QT?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. I'm a BNP supporter and of course it is right

  2. Don't suppot BNP but it is a freedom of speech

  3. Well, why not to look at the clown?

  4. Not sure. There are many points pro and contra

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  5. Rather disagree

  6. Absolutely disagree

  7. Jail Nick Griffin immediately

  1. Do you support BBC decision to invite the BNP leader to QT?

    By the way this evening BBC Russian asks its listeners the same question.
  2. bet it wont match the number generated by the TA cutbacks :lol:

    I detest what the BNP stand for but we should given them the oppertunity to embarrass themselves on tv. Give them the freedom of speech that they would not give the non white inhabitants of this country.
  4. Feck me, enough already!!!!

  5. Ahhh relax man. Tomorow we will have just as many threads conducting a Question Time post-mortem :D
  6. I'm very sorry. Indeed there is a lot of them. However, as I'm unable to merge a poll to them I have to open the new thread.
  7. No option for "I don't care"
  8. I was quite astonished to hear the first muslim female peer say on Radio 4 that they shouldn't be invited by right of freedom of speech, because it's freedom of speech is what caused the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

    I'm concerned that someone in that office has such an odd/dangerous interpretation of history.
  9. Lsitening to Jeremy the plonker VIne on Radio2 earlier, the main oposition to Griffin being on QT seemed to be the fear that the public might actually like what he had to say and therefor it shouldn't be allowed.
    I was quite shocked to be honest. Blatantly advocating that the BNP should be silenced to prevent the public having a say on their policies.
  10. Somehow I doubt this is about freedom of speech. I am more inclined to think that aunty beeb is after ratings, stiring the pot, or both!
    Also, this 'freedom of speech' is a tad far fetched. If it does exist (i.e. for those homo sapiens with more than one functioning brain cell) why are there deformation and sedition laws? BTW, does old Nick have Parliamentary Privilage in the EP?

    Another question, does anyone know how people living in Aussie can view tonights entertainment on the BBC? They seem to have banned us from viewing videos on their site.....any solutions would be welcome.
  11. You could try and set up a VPN to some friendly establishment/server in the UK. Couldn't tell you the specifics but that's how a friend of mine in the US does it. Allegedly. Google and a mate with a network manager privileges would be your friend here. Perhaps.
  12. That will be Baroness Uddin.
    Google her name and also "expenses".That will keep you busy.
  13. hole please
  14. should be an interesting jump in viewing figures
  15. Well pay some of my license fee and I will help you out. :wink: