Do You Still Have The Same Accent?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. More a question for Corps trickle-posting type soldiers rather than Inf blokes who stay largely with punters from the same county as them I suppose...

    So, do you still have the same accent you had prior to joining the mob?

    I've been in 20 years and like to think I've still got the same accent, I dont reckon I pronounce any words differently or have picked up the dreaded neutral "squaddie accent" (says "fook" instead of "fuck" etc)

    Only thing is when I do go home my mother reckons I speak slower for a few days and when I get back to work the troops reckon I speak a lot quicker!!

    I do get picked up for the odd phrase like "gleaming", "dobra", "mint" and the current favourite and bad habit; saying "yeah,yeah,yeah" really quickly when agreeing with someone but thats a bit different than completely losing an accent.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Ashamedly, I used to share a mess with two scousers and I picked up a few words, 'fook' and 'boss' being notable examples. (I was only 16 and very impressionable).

    My dad, uncles and friends beat me mercilessly until I could speak proper again. 'Say again' and 'gleaming' still slip out quite a bit which makes me cringe.
  3. Was in a room full of Geordies as a recruit back in the early 80's, so went home full of 'canny' and 'wi eye man' and was accused of talking funny. Conversely it was noticeable that my home accent came back after a couple of weeks at home.
  4. I thought so until I was called a soft English poof, but it was ok I stuck the heed on him and my Ayrshire accent came flooding back "Ken"
  5. No, as I have lived in several different parts of the UK and spent several years abroad, my accent, especially as a child, would adjust to the locals (not getting picked on for having a different accent was a survival tachnique as a child). On my return to London, having spent a couple of years in Glasgow, people thought I was a Scot, I had picked up not just the accent but used much of their colloquialisms as well, piece instead of sandwich, ham instead of bacon, heavy instead of bitter etc!
    So my accent today is fairly neutral but will adjust to my surrounds without any concious effort on my part!
  6. No still have my spazzy accent. Even though I have not lived there in years
  7. Aye, ah do as ah say, and give nowt away. If 'owt after leavin' mi accent 'as got broader. Many, many years ago when on leave I used to attract young lasses 'cos they thought I talked posh. Common as fuckin' muck now.
  8. In my old Bn (1 R ANG) and during my time in we had geordies, scousers, jocks (not attached arms). In the main they retained their strong accents, despite the fact that the majority of soldiers in the Bn were spud munching bumpkins from the east of England, whilst I, on the other hand, had a slightly more flamboyant accent (a bit Brummie) due to the fact that I came from gods own county of Northamptonshire! I did however on courses, postings, deployments etc did encounter people from the regions who obviously had their accents flattened and softened. The wierdest one though was an SASC tosser who had a southern Irish accent with a massive Brummie twang (he was a former R IRISH RANGER).
  9. Being one of only three Jocks in my unit, I'm pretty much fucked. I even got called English the other day, the disgrace.
  10. From the Blackcountry to South Yorkshire. Im even confusing me sen!
  11. Never forget your heritage and lead with the "heed"
  12. Aye, but that'l be 'cause ah haven't left lancashyre yet... Bloody civvies!
  13. Born in scotland, raised in rural Northumberland, served with cockney poofters. Now live in Greater Manchester, accent's the same as Northumbrian but with Jockanese and Lankysheer words stuck in there.
  14. Vat a ridiculush queshtion, but yesh..
  15. Whereas all those Welsh types want to get rid of their God awful accents.Especially those ones from North Wales.