do you smoke or not

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by honoured, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. i smoke average daily

  2. i do not smoke

  3. i smoke rarely ( company'like smoking)

  4. i smoke cigarettes and pot

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  5. i only smoke pot

  1. i was quite suprised i couldn't find an already poll post about this so here goes

    i wasn't sure about adding the pot smoking if it's a problem i'l remove it
  2. Why? The results won't be of any significance either statistically, socially, or for healthcare reasons.
  3. well it is socialy if some are interested

    it's abit like religion to ask if people believe in it or not
    just curious if it's anything like i expect it to be the statistics
  4. I agree it's like religion in that proselytisers tend to get involved. And like religion there are only proselytisers on one side of the argument. There's a pretty long thread on this elsewhere in the forum and it's quite recent.
  5. Smoking is a bit like religion? What, the Father, the Son and Lambert & Butler? God gave up his son so man could smoke thirty Capstan full strength a day? He died on the cross so we could have an occasional spliff? After the feeding of the five thousand did they all get a Woodbine each?

    BTW, I smoke but I never inhale.
  6. Where's the choice on the poll for "I smoke crack" ?
  7. Or indeed 'the beef'?
  8. Yeah, this is discrimination I smoke c0ck and there is no option for me to vote.
  9. Or Jarrod......
  10. And there's no option for "Just go through the motions".
  11. You are right; this is like the religion vote.

    That was really poorly set out with no thought and useless.
  12. How about people who mix pot with tobacco (which is apparently a British thing) - but otherwise wouldn't normally smoke tobacco - how should they vote?
  13. Tailor mades or do you roll your own?
  14. Oof no rollies for me, dirty, I may "handle" it a while before getting my mouth round it though.