Do you regret...


Do you regret signed your security clearance to say you wouldn't try to overthrow the government?


oh good. just what we need another journo.

I signed that peice of paper for the security of the nation, not the good of a specific party.

Please go back to writing crap about failed celebrities you mong


Book Reviewer
No, but I do regret other things.

My first marriage.
Not carrying out that diamond robbery. it was a dead cert.
Drinking that last beer.
Not drinking that last beer.
Not shooting that fcuking cnut when I had the chance.
Never hunting down that cnut and filleting his testicles.
Not being brave enough to get in the bullring without a gun (all the other toreadors mocked me, But I showed them when I shot the ******* and shat on their boyfriends.

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