Flash When you get your monthley pay statement do you bother to read what it says, or are you just interested in what the bank payment is.

I bet the answer is that you only care what your bank payment is ::)

If its more than usual you say nothing, but if it is less you go and find out why :'(

Mybe if you bothered to read the thing you might not get your pay mucked up so much. And remember the RAO is only as good as the information that you give to it. So the next time you go somewhere tell the RAO :D


I read my pay statement every time I get one. I am not alone in finding debits or credits I am not expecting and then requesting information from my RAO.
I do not always receive the information requested, more often now the reply is "I've no idea but I'll find out and let you know". And guess what, I rarely get the answer until I request the same info several times!
Besides, surely the onus is not on individual soldiers to report every movement, course or exercise to receive correct pay?


I always considered it very important to check all of the details on the pay statement. I've heard a few horror stories of guys getting overpaid by mistake but they did not spot it or maybe just did not bother to inform the pay office. As a result when the mistake was discovered it was all recovered in a nice hefty lump sum. wages for 2 months!! RESULT!!