Do YOU Qualify for a Medal Without Realising it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fridge_magnet, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. If you were a soldier who entered a medal-earning theatre onboard a warship, or a sailor who did the same on land, you qualify for that operation's campaign medal with only ONE DAY'S SERVICE!! This isn't common knowledge, but should be as literally thousands of people could be missing out on gongs they are entitled to! I've pasted the relevant bits of the DCI below:

    18. Her Majesty The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve clarification to the conditions of the award of operational medals for service on land for personnel of the ROYAL NAVY and at sea for personnel of the ARMY, from 19 MAY 1962. The original conditions governing such awards were never officially promulgated but have long been based on established practice and tradition.

    19. Relevant current and recent operations are as listed in Annex A to Chapter 8 to JSP 761. Reference should be made to associated documentation for historical operations from 19 MAY 1962 onwards. Operations preceeding 19 May 1962 are not covered by this instruction.


    a. ROYAL NAVY personnel completing one days' service on land in a qualifying operational zone after 19 May 1962 will qualify for the campaign medal associated with that theatre of operations.

    b. ARMY personnel completing one days' service at sea in a qualifying operational zone after 19 May 1962 will qualify for the campaign medal associated with that theatre of operations.


    Guidance for commanding officers and line managers will follow publication of this DCI. Further details for civil servants will be provided in Personnel Manual Vol 13 and in a PI.


    There's the relevant bits for you - anything else, refer to Annex D of JSP761 1D-1. Applications can be made using the forms on this page:
  2. at last i qualify for the kuwaity march and shoot medal!!!
  3. So I can take all my onboard passes off the fridge and blu tak them to ma blazer pocket at last.
    Oh, do Brize luggage tickets count anaw? I've got hunners o them.
  4. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Sadly this is BS as (in my opinion) the Saudi medal should be allowed to be worn as it is a good looking medal compared to the tupenny bit offered by Kuwait.
  5. As i asked in the other thread where do the royal marines stand in all this bullshit? As members of the RN dod they get it after day 1? Also how hot is the tip of your crack pipe at the moment?
  6. W.T.F. has this got to do do with an Army web? Take this to Rum Ration!Some of us get them the hard way!!!One day!! Just about long enough to have an egg banjo.Anyone who claims a gong under such circustances is little better than a WALT!!!!
  7. The thing is as far as i can make out hes a pongo.
  8. He's a WALT!!Anyone who claims a gong under such spurious circumstances is a WALT!Either you earn it properly, or you don't,but, one DAY!!!You'r worse than the Crabs who hid behind the wire at Aldergrove and got their G.S.M.N.I. FOR 28 days CONTINUEOUS SERVICE!!!At least some of them provided front line service in the cook house!
  9. Bugger! so my 26 days Cyprus anti-gun running patrol in 1959 does not count towards the pre-1962 GSM.
  10. According to my parents I flew over Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, does this mean that I qualify for the US's Vietnam Service Medal and Air Medal?
  11. Hahahahahaha

    have yourself a Merry Walting Christmas
  12. No but you may qualify for the ozzy Vietnam Logistics and Support Medal :)
  13. Fantastic! I'll just go on Ebay and order one straight away. Shall I get one for you too while I'm at it?
  14. As opposed to doing what? Servicing a Puma in the middle of the falls road?