Do you need to shout ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by softynotshouty, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Talking to a friend recently (he SSgt me Cpl) he has told me that certain people within my chain of command consider that I am not SNCO material as I am not, for want of a better description, shouty enough; and that someone else who will shortly be returning to the unit after a couple of years out of trade is going to be pushed towards the same Sgt's slot that I have been marking time for these past 18 months, so in effect I will be passed over.

    Now I freely admit that I am a quiet chap and am certainly not SSM material (it would be hard to bollock somebody for having long hair when yours is longer than theirs !) however I have never felt the need to raise my voice to get things done and would go so far as to say that if you do need to shout then something has gone wrong. As far as I can remember I have only used rank the once and that was to make someone go to bed on exercise, but that fact that I said LCpl X go to bed made it more than clear that I wasn't joking about and they duly went off to get some rest.

    So my question to the forum is am I in the minority, is getting things done quietly, and they do get done it isn't a case of things slipping, frowned upon and should I just accept that as I am not going to start putting on an act (which everyone will know is an act) and start shouting and 'getting a grip' of people that I have no prospect of further promotion ?
  2. I shouted more at my kids than I ever did the troopers who worked for me but then my kids were idle and the troopers..... less idle
  3. PARDON?
  4. Hummm…

    Shouting as a way of getting things done = management
    Persuading people as a way of getting things done = leadership
  5. Right then....


    1) When you ask people to do something, do they do it out of respect?
    2) Are you good at your job?

    If the answer to the above is yes, then you don't need to shout. If the jobs getting done, and people respect your rank, then theres no need for the hairdryer treatment.
  6. Life in the army just wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for random shouting!

    I, for one, love shouting "PUSH THE CAT!" or "SHAVE THE MOUSE" or other random statements during a serious bout of random shouting by over keen NCOs or JUOs (in the OTC).

    On a serious note, every single NCO or Officer that I have come across who shouts on a day to day basis is always trying to cover for some sort of failing and as such usually lacks any kind of respect from subordinates. If I shout, its either to be heard on the battlefield or to issue some severe bo!!ocking to someone.

    Respect is to be commanded, not demanded.
  7. The only times I tend to shout are;

    1.Running Ranges
    2.Drill & Muster Parades
    3.Verbal Encouragement in Pairs F&M
  8. Sorry but you are fecked. We have it on the highest authority that shouting is the only way to win.

    More shouting please. :)
  9. Have a sex change that'll make you SNCO material.

    Do you do minor things like pulling others up for doing things wrong, getting soldiers in to correct spots on parades etc.
  10. You admit here that you are not setting the correct example towards those potentially under your authority.

    Being a SNCO is not simply about shouting and Mess bills, its about setting the tone and being an example towards other ranks, not to mention subbies.

    You have to earn the right to join the particularly exclusive club that is the Mess. Responsibility comes with it, your chain of command does not think you are SNCO material.

    Extract digit, prove them wrong.
  11. I was always under the impression that if the bods respect and trust you, they'll follow your leadership. If you have to resort to shouting to get things done, then you've failed to earn that respect.

    The question is simple - do you get the job done without having to bark at the lads? If so, then where's the problem?

    Sounds to me like this other bloke is someones golden boy, and you've been earmarked as the poor f£$%er who has to suffer to allow them to claw their way up the ladder. Trust me, I've seen it happen (not to me thankfully). This shouting thing is just a (very poor) excuse.
  12. Eh, things don't happen like that. My mate (next SSM) got a glowing report and I....... (I'm not even in the right slot for it.....)
  13. As long an you can do it when needed. None of the NCO's at my unit shout very much, except on the battlefield, and thats usely just "FOLLOW ME".

    If they are not promoting you because they think you don't shout enough they either have very different ideas about command, or it's an excuse.
  14. Just to pick up on this point, the hair cut comment was meant to be taken in a light hearted way and to illustrate that I have no desire to go down the RD route but would much rather stay in the trade stream. My boots are always clean, my hair is always short and I make sure people do what is expected of them both on parade and off.

    My last two CR's have both recommended me for promotion (although I have not had one this year as yet).

    Polar - You know me from a previous unit.
  15. Common line on my reviews were

    "You have a reputation for getting the job done, if something needs doing you go off and its done quickly and to a high standard, only thing is though, we don't see you getting it done"

    One thing that never changes in this man (and womans) army is its ability to look past talent and promote those with "visibilty". Too many times have I seen guys who run the place day by day who are passed over because the so and so did well at boxing. The worst case I saw was a lad who got back from running a troop in Bosnia, this was when people were shooting at each other, and did a stirling job only to find that he had been passed over for staffy for someone who qoute form thr OC, "Went sailing with the CO" unqoute, that gave him visability see.

    The annoying thing is though, IMHO, if you have to shout then you fecked it up in the first place.

    So are you getting passed over, probably