Do you need to know anything from joining up to tips on training?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rowley90, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. if you need help and advice on signing up to training let me no and ill help to the best of my abilities and experience
  2. I say! That's jolly decent of you to offer!

    Perhaps you had best not offer to help with literacy though, ok?
  3. I need some advice on signing up to training, please.
  4. I need some advice to training up to signing, please.
  5. I need help on doing up my flies. I'ved PM'd you my postcode but it'll take you a while from the Toon. Please be quick because its getting cold and going blue.
  6. I need some advice on training
  7. Where's my ******* free advice Rowley, you bellend?

    You can't just make offers like that then leave people hanging. I wouldn't want you watching my back in the 'G'.
  8. Grantham???
  9. well touchy arent you im sorry i work and got 2 kids ill answer when i have time now what did you want to know and lessen the attitude
  10. what would you like to know my friend ??
  11. That's right you tell them. I've no idea who they think they are.
  12. yeah and i think you shouldnt bother replying unless you have something nice to say good enough literacy for you now ??
  13. are you serious?? or just a total nugget dont bother wasting my time im helping people who have any questions or concerns about signing up or training in the infantry
  14. I think you made a very kind offer and the harsh treatment wasn't called for.
  15. Do they let grils in tthe Army?

    I am well gud at tiping and stuf.