Do you need a passport to mobilise?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Typsey, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. One of my soldiers is about to go to RTMC but has just realised that his passport is out of date!

    SPSI is not available for the next few days so was wondering if any of you guys know if you actually need one or not?

    Cheers, Typsey.
  2. Ehh yes

    PSAO Should be able to sort out, if not as I remember at duriing my stay at Chillwell they can sort it out but dont hold me to that as I was there in 2005
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes, and less than 6 months validity won't do AFAIK. Mind you, RTMC can move things VERY fast on this front - just don't take the pish out of them!

    Phone them and ask, they'll set you right sharpish.
  4. Have the good old days of the "NATO travel order" finished? I had to use one once.
  5. Yes.

    One of the reasons why I used to run a spreadsheet for the platoon with passport, driving licence, ATDs etc details on so that anything due to expire could be flagged up.

    Data protection people would have had a field day if todays rules applied.
  6. A year or two ago, yes. And no use outside NATO countries either if you have to divert on the flight out/back.
  7. Yes passport is required (with 6 months + to run from end of tour not start!). This is just in case repatriation is required and takes place via CIVAIR instead of RAF into a normal UK airport.

    Hope this helps

  8. Its bullshite is what it is.

    A mod90 should be more than enough.
    Same level of crap as putting hessian wrapped weapons through the xray machine.

    What is the fecking point!
  9. Here Here!! But language Timothy!!
  10. The point Steven is that the flight that you are on may be diverted to some country which insists on a passport. You would feel very miffed if you were going from A to B and landed at C and found that the nice people at C put you into detention for not having a passport whilst the rest of the aircrafts passengers got to stay in a nice hotel. Other countries have different rules.

    Likewise sticking your hessian wrapped weapon through the x-ray machine, they are not looking to see if it's a weapon, they are looking to see what else you may have tried to hide in there.

    Not a mover, indeed have as much reason to loathe movers as anyone on this site, but if you know why they have the rules they can seem less stupid than ar first glance.
  11. Lots of 'opinions' being quoted here but very little fact.

    1. The NATO Travel Order is still a valid document. It is accepted by the majority of NATO countries (a few exceptions such as France) for travel via their national borders. It was never designed to allow travel by civil means and therefore does not work on routine civ-air or ferries no matter where you are.

    2. A valid passport is required for deployment as in order to effectively move an individual for medical or compassionate reasons and is clearly articulated in all deployment Mounting Instructions (e.g. HQ LAND). This guarantees our ability to move you by the fastest means without let or hindrance (read the inside cover of a passport). The point about diversions is also valid but occurs so infequently.

    As for people's poor views of movers, that has been done to death and was most often a gripe about RAF Air Transport or the actions of isolated individuals. I don't think anyone has ever had any complaints about the way we deal with compassionate or medical cases, which is the main reason you need your passport in the first place...
  12. With ref to above, whilst we are required to have a passport to travel overseas, its only UK/MoD/EU redtape that causes it.

    You only need a passport if passing through immigration/customs, if the aircraft was diveted and you remain airside you don't need a passport as you haven't entered the country. After all do we obtain visas for all countries we pass so what happens if we divert to a country and all the troops don't have a visa?Passport without visa still won't get you in. Do all other nations obtain passports for their troops going overseas? err no, they just make sure someone from the embassy tips up at the airport and sorts it out.
  13. Looked into the chap's paperwork and he quite rightly pointed out that his mobilisation paperwork says that he needs either a passport OR a birth certificate for the purposes of mobilisation.

    It also says that he needs 2 x passport sized photographs (which I am assuming is probably for applying for a passport should he not have one!

    Must say, the mobilisation paperwork could be a lot clearer; in one part is says all you need i enough pants and socks to last you and some sports wear, and in another section it says that you will need to bring all of your issued kit.

    That poses a question.....why would someone mobilising need to bring all of his DPM clothing?

    Can't wait for my first time through the machine!
  14. Hellfyr - I couldn't possibly have any complaints if you were moving me, unless I were a bootneck with no sense of humour!

  15. Err, been stuck abroad for 5 days (courtesy of RAF) before being able to onward travel. Don't think I'd have liked to stay on the plane or in some grotty transit lounge for that long!