Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Hi to you all,
    my first time posting here and i would like to ask you do you modify any kit and if so how
    Also i have another question why do people put sandbags on their webbing.

    Right i will start with my modification to my 95 jacket. I bought a spare jacket and then bought a hood at first i buttoned the hood on then went training at swynerton but is was lose and flimsy. I decided to do something about it so dusted of my sewing machine and sewed the hood on then buttons on so it rolls up, it may sound corny but is a lor better than buttoning them on.

    Right its your turn how have you modded your kit and what do you think of my jacket?
  2. I mounted a set of water wings to my SA80 using black and nasty it now allows me to keep it afloat in the bath.
  3. I think everyone does much the same sort of things, 5.56mm.

    I have sewed in hoods, cuffs (converted old socks, obviously), taped buttons etc etc. This is before we even get into belt kit that actually consumed the best bits from 2 complete systems (plus roll pin, roll mat, etc etc).

    I never ceased to be amazed by how much modification can be done to helmets - tape, rubber brims, plasticuffs tucked round the back, scrim etc etc.

    God I love this profession!
  4. 5.56mm - are you a cadet by any chance mate?
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I taped up all the straps on my webbing to stop them flapping around.A hood on my combat jacket & zips in my bootees!
  6. yes im a cadet why?
  7. I also cut a hole in a NBC suit to make it easier to take a leak and to get some fresh air in.
  8. I once modified my spoon by placing black masking tape on the handle. This would stop any enemy from obseving me whilst i ate my chocolate pudding.

    I also sprayed my mess tin black so when i'm brewing up on the hexi at night the enemy wouldn't see the shine off the mess tin from the fire.

    Sometimes i also modify my appearance so the enemy won't recognise me. Last week i chopped off my arm, gauged out my left eye, put a fake parrot on my shoulder and pretended to be an pirate. It worked as i am still here.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What?Only ONE hole!!?? :lol:
  10. ttok the helmet out of my helmet cover thus making my helmet cover lighter lot less neck strain
  11. Sorry took not ttok
  12. I have done worse. During my time at depot an phase two All of my pens pencils torches diggers mess tin handles water bottles.... Basically all of my kit had Black and nasty wrapped around it. Fcuk knows why!

    Im gonna sound like a right army geek now but i just spent £12 getting a single ammo pouch sewn onto my bayonet frog. Now thats keen!
  13. I taped some string onto my Bic Biro to stop people nicking it.

    It didn't work

    I forgot to tie the other end to something.

  14. Have also swopped the plug on my playstation from german to english
  15. Oh yeah and at one stage i had everything attatched to me not with string. But with elastic ski pass holders. Oh yes! They retracted themselves if not being operated! I really was a geek!
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