Do you like your child's partner?

Son No1MkIGS married some daft bint on the basis that she had big norks (wonderbra) and long blonde hair (Clairol or summat) who is an utter nighmare.

Lazy, feckless, spoilt, and thick as mince.

Had a "difficult" chat with him recently in which he made it clear that he wanted to ditch the bitch but was concerned how this manifestation of "failure" would reflect on him - male pride can be somewhat caustic methinks.
May one suggest slow cooked with fava beans and a nice chianti.
Yes so far. Three out of my four daughters have married really sound blokes, I even get on with their families. It is said that girls marry guys who are like their fathers so obviously their choices were always going to be top notch men. Fourth daughter more interested in making her first million, but hey I will need looking after I need my old age.


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I've already checked out his FB, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts. And there are no pictures of him holding up wads of notes, smoking weed, or even making 'gang signs' with his mates. It's all just family pictures, pictures of him playing football (that's reason enough I know), and pictures of various holiday locations.
My ex wife has met his mum and dad, and she said that they seem nice.
But like I said; if it was just me having a nagging doubt, then I'd put it down to my problem but for my youngest daughter and my current partner to say more or less the same thing makes me think that I'm right to trust my instincts.
Genuinely, I hope that I'm just being a twat about this.
Maybe you suspect he is dull as fuck.
As if I'd encourage her to have anything to do with the reprobates that inhabit this site.
I expect to get a bit of abuse for this thread but hey ho.
I want to hear what other Arrsers think about their kids choice of partner.
My eldest girl has been with her current partner for nearly a year now. She got with him about six months after she ended her relationship with her previous boyfriend.
Yesterday, they came around for dinner because I wanted my partner to finally meet him.
I've met the lad previously, the first time about three months after they got together, and again about two months ago. And each time there have been warning alarms going off in the pit of my stomach.
My daughter is besotted by him, and I will conceed that there is no doubt that he seems to feel the same way about her.
He is a good looking lad, reasonably intelligent, and seems to be very career focused. Perfect right?
However, there is something about him that I do not like. I just cannot put my finger on what it is.
After meeting him for the first time yesterday, my partner agrees with me that there is something about him that she just 'cannot place'.
My ex wife thinks that he's wonderful but my youngest daughter (like me) has very mixed feelings towards him.
I consider myself to be an excellent judge of character, my partner is too.
I want my daughter to be happy. And like I said; she genuinely seems to be.
But there is something about this fella that nags at the pit of my stomach.
I'd like to hear other arrsers stories about their experiences with their kids partners.
Let me break the news to you really slowly......when your making small talk he's thinking of all the things he has done to your daughter and all the thing he's planning on doing to her rusty sheriffs badge,...bottom line is he aint there for you China...., now pass the peas old man.
A few years ago, my daughter decided to let me know that she was pregnant by her bloke who I'd never met. So, she brings him up to London to meet me for the first time and he seems a likeable enough lad but there was a nagging doubt in my mind about him (he just seemed to be too nice and friendly). Go forward around 3 years, grandson is now 2 yo and they decide to get engaged, big party organised and all's well. 3 months down the line, daughter rings up to inform me that her and him have split. It seems that he'd gone to all of the trouble of organising the engagement party, the DJ for the wedding, the venue for the wedding and reception and then admits that he doesn't love her and never has and wants to end the relationship. Tells her that she can stay as long as she likes until she gets her self sorted, within a week, she had somewhere new to live, offers of spare bits of furniture, got herself a job (something he wouldn't let her do when they were together as he was the man about the house and earned the money) and is as happy as Larry (I found out after that all of the time that they were together, she was being treated for depression, has now stopped taking the pills). One thing that riled me was that her maternal grandad (who's minted) gave her a car, matey decided that as she didn't drive he'd keep it until she could as his car had been involved in an accident and he couldn't afford to repair it, (his fault apparently), she ups and takes driving lessons, passes first time and requests the car back straightaway as it's hers, he states that he needs it for his business and she'll have to take him to court to prove it's hers. She had the spare key and went round the house and just took it back one night when he was sleeping, got it insured the same night online and he hasn't said a word.
Im surprised that you didnt twat him


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Im surprised that you didnt twat him
Does he look as if I'd waste a good punch? A good gust of wind would knock him over, plus he's a "hair technician".
Kid sister got engaged to a local lad who was with the AAC at Catterick. Bought a house together in Bishop Auckland and he had a job lined up at Glaxo in Barnard Castle for when he left the army. (For those who don't know the area, Glaxo was known for its high wages.)

I met him for the first time when I visited one Christmas. He seemed nice enough, but...

The whole family liked him, including my dad who could normally spot a wrong 'un a mile off. So at my parents place I mentioned him in conversation.

"I think Chris is full of shit and I wouldn't trust him ad far as I could throw him." Dad looked at me quizzically. Mam went off on one defending the interloper. "Chris is lovely. You can't say that." "Okay. Fine. Forget it. Subject dropped." That me PNG until next Christmas.

He left the army. Managed to get sacked from Glaxo for persistent absence and spent most of his days drinking single malts. When she finally kicked him out my sister was left with debts of about £20k. A lot of money in 2001.

Did I get any credit for being right? Did I hell as like.
[QUOTE="Joker62, post: 8591104, "Hair technician"

What! the bloke that removes the hairy gunge from blocked plugholes in hotel baths?
or the sweeper upper in a barbers shop, or maybe the limp wristed knob heads that infest trendy hipster men's " Styling boutiques"


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I foresee ginger grandkids in your future, you lucky bastard.
Present, and only, grandchild so far is blond, he takes after his mother thankfully although he has to wear glasses like his dad, but apparently, that's just a passing phase.


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[QUOTE="Joker62, post: 8591104, "Hair technician"

What! the bloke that removes the hairy gunge from blocked plugholes in hotel baths?
or the sweeper upper in a barbers shop, or maybe the limp wristed knob heads that infest trendy hipster men's " Styling boutiques"
See my bold.
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