Do You Like it Baggy?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rudie, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. The Stone Roses

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  2. The Happy Mondays

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  3. The Charlatans

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  4. Inspiral Carpets

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  5. James

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  6. The Farm

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  7. Northside

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  8. Primal Scream

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  1. It was 20 years ago that one of the best albums in the wolrd was released The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses.
    I ,like many others my age in my regiment bought it,alongside albums by The Happy Mondays,The Charlatans and The Inspiral Carpets. The Baggy scene was HUGE with most of the younger lads back then - squaddies and civvies alike. Many a jock signed out of the guard room wearing REALLY baggy Benzini jeans huge oversized Joe Bloggs sweat shirts, much to the amusement of the RP staff and Guard Commanders from an older generation.
    To be honest though,at the time my favourite band of that era were The Happy Mondays,it was only years later that I really appreciated what the Stone Roses were putting out. It's still an album that gets regular playings in the Rudie household.

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  2. I'd go with the Stones, followed by the Farm, or Primal Scream.
  3. Voted for Farm, could have gone Primal Scream though.

    Added - I was more into The Smiths, New Order and Marillion at the time (or poss a bit earlier ) though
  4. The Mondays (Happy). Loads of great albums, inspired lyrics, Bez. That Ryder was so off his face he had to be shown photos to confirm he'd actually performed at a gig in Barcelona for 2 hours.

    NB Before the Roses became 'baggy'....they were Goths.
    And their contract was the DS solution on how to f*ck it up. That they never recovered says it all. Mrs Ruffian is a big fan.

    What's your take on the Steve Coogan version of history as Tony Wilson?
  5. 'We could have all been millionaires, if it wasn't for that cnut! said Peter Hook. The last group of commercially successful British bands to actually display any sort of originality or ambition, all british indie since, whether 90s Britpop or this decade, has been attempts to recapture this era or slightly earlier post-punk Factory stuff - it was great at the time, but made British music turn backward-looking and parochial ever since...
  6. 24 Hour Party People? Great Movie. As he says though,the legend is better than the truth - or words to that effect.
  7. The Stone Roses too many great tunes, Mersey Paradise , She Bangs the Drum, & Ten Storey Love Song to name a couple, followed by the Mondays and the Inspirals, I always thought James were a little bit too gay for my tastes but each to their own.

    The Roses were "goth" new one on me as I used to see Ian Brown out and about aat various Northern oul / Scooter do's and he was a scooter boy, green flight jacket with run patches on, and rode a GP 200
  8. Always preferred the Charlatans myself. I liked the Stone Roses, still do as a quick check of the Ipod has their stuff on there but has to be the Charlatans for me.
  9. All the groups had at least one brilliant tune to their credit, take The Insipral Carpets for instance. They are nowhere as legendary and iconic as The Stone Roses or The Happy Mondays but released one of the best tunes of that era - This Is How It Feels.

    Then there is James,aye you're right le crab,Tim Booth was a bit of a poncey t wat but Come Home is still one of my favourites.

    Who could forget Groovy Train by The Farm? F ucking brilliant! I had a little baggy section at my wedding and that and Fools Gold was on the playlist.

    Remember Northside? No? Come Take A Trip (L.S.D) Fantastic.
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    the farm and northside - chancing bandwagon jumpers with just about one half decent tune between the two of them.

    out of the lot, primal scream have the best body of work. never got the fuss about the stone roses - squire's a red hot axeman, I'll grant you, but monkey boy brown couldnt carry a tune in a suitcase.

    as for factory, did you see the BBC 4 documentary a while back? stephen morris said it would have been cheaper to just give everyone in manchester fifty quid than open the hacienda and run it foir as long as they did.
  11. Peter Hooton does has an intensive knowledge of Adidas trainers though.

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  12. Ian Brown also had a black PX with a storm trooper on it not sure if it's still kicking about. Mani claimed to have been a scooter lad in an interview a couple of years back in scootering but somethings didn't add up according to those into scooters in Manchester. Mind you he did have an untrestored Li special for the article which was his.

    1st concert I ever went to was the farm at the Barrowlands in 91 as a 16 year old...loved it
  13. Looks like I am the only one who went for James. Obviously it is all you others that are out of step.
  14. or just not bent :D