Do you like high leg boots?

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  1. I think high leg boots are amazing i have waxed my boots up and bulled them ready for the drill comp.

    but what do you think of high leg boots and what do you use them for?
  2. I think there amazzzzzzing tooooo! wow, they are just great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get out more!!!
  3. i get out more than you and i guran dam tee that
  4. Wie bitte?
  5. Only with stockings.

    And leather underwear.
  6. whys no one ever serious on these forums
  7. Maybe yours fit like a glove, but mine fit like boots. Though my brother-in-law donated his bulled ammo boots to our mother-in-law for use as plant pots. :roll:
  8. Because your asking bone questions. But as your after a serious reply...

    Yes I do like high leg boots - they can hold more beer dregs than an issued trainer. Hope that helps, young man.
  9. ask a stoooopid question....
  10. Waaaaay past your bedtime mate........

  11. Have you ever even been near the army?

    Soldiers take the piss, it's what they do FFS!

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Well it depends on the heel size. I find a stilleto heel very unstable for playing twister :? , however they have a distinct advantage for spearing trout on survival exercises :wink: . It gets annoying when my leg hairs get stuck in the zips though :roll: . Maybe I should wax 8O .

    I need to stop using the little M&M men so much.
  14. lol

  15. Hey hey big boy, looking good there!