Do you know where your money is going?


Recently Mrs Thud returned from a patch function in a high state of amusement. At said function the spouses were enthusing over their latest, trendy, acquisition - the Jamie Oliver Antipasti Shelf
No wonder the guy's loaded if this is the pap that he puts his name to - I've seen better put together in a first year technology class.

However the amazement did not stop there. In the process of searching for above item to see what on earth Mrs Thud was talking about I came across this

Words fail me! However a new business opportunity has struck me and I shall be heading down to the nearest lumber yard for a piece of well seasoned oak planking (with bark) to then cut up for sale. I'm certain I can undercut Mr Oliver's price of £45!

Has no one heard of the Emperor's New Clothes
I expect if she was spending her own hard earned money like some of us have to... this would have been met with the derision it deserves

You might have a quick check of the thread title - and carry out a small edit. I was intrigued onto the thread because the title didn't make sense.

Having now looked at the post I agree that there is money to be made here. It is a bit like the Pampered Chef stone for putting your pizza on top of in the oven - a snip at £30.

I watch aghast during the Great British Menu, in awe at what they may choose to serve food on next; slate, plank, bit of glass! I confidently await soup served in a lavatory bowl...
Has no one heard of the Emperor's New Clothes[/quote]

You are quite right, complete pretentious bollox for 4kin idiots………… robbing gits! 8O
my storeroom is full of American oak at 3cm thick anyone interested in purchasing?