Do you know where to buy drugs?

Any one of many high street stores in Canada.
Or California or any other numerous's like McCannibis...just wander in and choose what you want....

apparently, the fabric of society of has gone to hell in these places..according to some of the posters here..Oh, yeah, Cali actually ranks ahead of the UK in terms of single state of the U.S., ranking ahead of the whole of the UK.


The latest police tactic is instead of simply arresting and charging the people running the darknet drug sites, they take over the operation of the sites for a few months and collect information about the buyers and sellers. Then they scoop up whomever they want at their convenience.

If you're buying drugs off the Internet and think that you're anonymous and safe, think again.

Here's one example.
As far as I am aware, Hansa is the only site which ran as a honey pot, and Alphabay is the only other major market closed down by LE (and wasn't operated as a honey pot). Markets that replaced them since (and those that went before them) have exit scammed, Dream operated before them, took the refugees from those two markets in, made tens/hundreds of millions for over a year then exited. Wall Street Market after that did exactly the same over a shorter period, and there is many other similar examples.

I don't think I'm anonymous and safe, I just know I'm anonymous enough, that LE are after the big boys, and the ones involved in fentanyl and fraud. LE aren't interested in the 95% of users who order a wee bit of personal unless it drops directly into their lap, and then unless the person immediately owns up to it, they are not going waste the many man hours needed to prove the case. And trust me, other than when the parcel is in transit - and it isn't a crime to receive a letter - there is ways and means of making yourself entirely anonymous and safe, but IMO they are overkill for 95% of the business that goes on.
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Local pub used to be a hotbed for "soft" drugs until some local lad found to have been snorting charlie in the cubicle starting bleeding heavily & coughing up his guts, died with his head down the pan some thought he was after a Darwin award as the drugs only contained 40% cocaine the rest with everything including rat poison.

Pub now hip & trendy and serves good ales and home made good food.

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