Do you Know Taff C*rey??

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by pot_aussie, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. It is proposed to hold a Top Table Lunch to say farewell to Taff in August.

    Please e-mail me at for details and any funny stories you have about this guy.. Please let anyone who is not on here know about this.

  2. Please pass on my best wishes to Taff.

    And remind him, he still owes me money.
  3. Try and find somebody who knows the FULL story of how a pilot attempted to take off while Taff was doing an FCU bleed at Hildesheim.
  4. You may wish to post the details on the Army Aviation web site.
  5. Taff C*rey, Kuwait, Pernod and one of those 20 litre water dispenser bottles!!

    Top Man! And it was ready just before we left!! :)

    Oh! Ask him about his letter to Jilly Cooper and the reply he received!!! :wink:
  6. FFS, Taff owes everybody money :)

    Ask if he remembers the thigh high patent leather boot he brought back from Hamburg one Sunday afternoon after he had gone out on Friday to buy milk at the NAAFI in Dettmold. He met some singlies in the NAAFI and the rest (as they say) is history!

    Nice guy.
  7. Just didn't want to be left out.

    Nice guy and must thank him for fcuking up the ammo compound duty at Hildesheim as 5 Heavy's RSM went up there and Taff met him wearing carpet slippers. Couldn't take private cars up there after that. Never washed my car again after that. Fcuked if I was washing it in my own time.
  8. Ask him about a trip to Hamburg to celebrate the Falklands victory........and where he got the ankle boot that was tied around his neck on the Sunday morning.
  9. Only bloke I know that can move entire Battle Groups into theatre with just the aid of a supermarket carrier bag stuffed with all the paperwork plus the mandatory duty free. Disappear for the tour and then reappear like Mr Benn's shopkeeper to move them back again...still carrying the carrier bag with more duty free stuffed in it.
    Priceless, truly the 'King of Movements'
    That will be a top table to remember, and if you let Taff have a speaking part then you might as well have a top table dinner, supper and breakfast because he has more stories than Aesop.
  10. He told me once that as a leaving present a unit got him a briefcase. He unwrapped the briefcase, said it was lovely and promptly emptied the contents into his Food Giant carrier bag, and threw the briefcase away.
  11. oh my giddy aunt.
    i can vouch for those stories, particularly the hamburg boot one.
    he went to a sex show and somehow got embroiled in a fight with the fat stripper actually while she was giving her show, he, was , of course nude, and in the melee, clung onto her leg as she attempted to leave the stage, he bit her on the vag, and her boot came off and he got his wish for audience participation, plus a free boot, which hung in the reg bar, probably still is....
    great bloke
    funny as hell.
  12. he even owes himself money. Further to the ammo compound story, as well as carpet slippers, he also had winnie the pooh pyjama bottoms on.......
  13. I was on his first upgraders in '85. 3 out of 13 made it to the end and I haven't laughed as much since :) Top character and I hope he gets the send-off he deserves.
  14. A Taff Carey classic - whilst he was recovering from his op in hospital he missed the Regt Breakfast for a certain 3 Regt CO but being Taff he managed to send one of his testicles in a jar of formaldehyde which was duly passed round the table to said CO along with apologies for his abscence!
  15. I remember that, the op was to have his tessie off due to a tumour or something.......
    the co asked what it was and when he was shown the hospital label, and told, his eyes did the rumba and he said "how terribly quaint"
    didnt eat much after that.
    the rumour is taff still got a mess bill for the do as some of him attended, i bet he paid with a smile too.