Do you know him?

I'm just glad nobody has gone to lazy 3 Para Mortar Platoon stereotypes. Though he would be fabulous there. I mean really darlings.
I was sat in the garden before and looked down and there was what i thought was a little piece of fudge on the patio near me.
I immediately thought "brilliant, I love fudge!"
On picking it up it turns out it was a large piece of fudge coloured gravel from elsewhere in the garden.
I was disappointed for a moment and then thought:

A) why would there be a piece of fudge on my patio?

B) if there was a piece of fudge on my patio, why would I pick it up and eat it?

******* oddball.

Apologies for diverting the thread slightly but this temporary loss of brain function worried me.

Carry on.
That is just your "Infantry" acting up again. No cure.
Listen up pilgrim.

Me and Lt Col Slug are still negotiating to decide whose toy you are going to be.

Go and reflect on your ways and decide how it is to be....
I heard you and The Col are into the camping scene, yomping, tents, etc. Do you toss to see who does the hammering of the peg, or is it based on seniority?

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