Do you know anyone who turned Merc?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. My Grandad was a Merc. He fought with the Serbs in Yugoslavia a lot. He got his training with the Royal Marines and then left with the fighting skills they taight him. He then travelled the world as a wandering warrior fighting for the highest bidder. He said that there was always a place for mercenaries and he was well respected.
  2. I used to be a Rover type but turned Merc when the factory closed.
  3. I know one bloke who was a fairly successful para officer until he blotted his copy-book very, very badly - whereupon he went off to the Middle East for various skirmishes, working for the highest bidders.

    He has never been respected by anyone . . .
  4. blah blah blah.......... sounds like the intro of an A-Team type bollox TV programme, or the back of a shite novel.
  5. Your motor, Ex_Stab?

    PERSEC? :D :? :oops:
  6. Like my Grandad, who was in a secret Army SF unit in Vietnam, but accused of a crime they didn't commit - they had to go on the run, ever since they've been underground, if you have the money, and you can find them maybe you can hire them?

    Actually he trained as a Shoalin monk and could walk across rice paper with out leaving a mark, played a mean bamboo flute and had wild Kung Foo moves!

    Of course thar was before the massive gamma radiation dose had weird side effects, releasing a dangerous, powerful beast with Green skin when he was angry.

    Maybe it's the same guy? Are you my lost cousin or is this all a weird fantasy?
  7. theres only one wandering warrior

  8. Of course it's not my fcuking motor it's the first Merc I found on google!

    Thanks for the kind thought though matey! :D

    It's really quite funny watching the rest of the forum catching up with the fact that Chimpy is a wah-merchant :D
  9. this bit cracks me up, do people actually speak like this in reality?

  10. I can imagine him starting his trip, Calais, circa 1963 - straight off the boat.

    "Oi Froggie Ou est le war, J'suis un mercenary et I'll scrappe' pour moneyeee"
  11. know couple of guys who went the private security contractor route .Not sure why they are not called mercenaries .One was good one was a complete walt .First one works for armour inc .Other one works for some other unit they keep him on as he is great salesman dont actually trust him to do any secruity work though.He gets to dress up and impress people and they let him do admin tasks seems to work .
  12. Hmmmm,

    Chimpy-is CR bored again???
  13. starve this pri*k of oxygen chaps, mummy will be home soon to give him a pot noodle, and if he's lucky a blowjob.
  14. Did he have a small ad in the back of SoF magazine? :wink: