Do you know a Jesters?

What's the nastiest club you've ever been in? There have got to be some utter holes around the country, what were the distinguishing features?

To start you off, Jesters in Southampton, underground club with sticky carpet, one night they had removed the toilets because people were making such a mess, leaving 2 stinking sewer pipes open for all to smell. That really helped with controlling the chunder urges due to their unique take on 'drinkable' spirits.
Jesters in Catterick, but I think its closed now.

Does not compare to Louis' Bar though.



It closed down after you got posted. Squaddies couldn't play grab a grimmy and off'd it to Darlo. Business went downhill.

(Actually it's still going strong!)


I remember Jesters in Southampton, what a shit hole, only went there 1 or 2 times… or maybe more…

I preferred the Nexus, much cooler club. Many a weekend was spent there getting hammered on snake bite, chunddering my guts up and then pulling some equally drunk little blond.
Very classy girls there.
They had this strange barmaid with a shaved head, a face full of piercing, and bolts going all the way down her spine. To this day I still want to shag her rotten, I bet she would have been diiiiiirty!!!!
Sadly it was never meant to be.
Just about any club in Plymouth in the 80`s, sticky carpet, manky beer and ugly loud birds. Think there was one in Union Street called Ace of Clubs, first time I went there it reminded me of the bar where all the different aliens met in the first Star Wars film.. :lol:
Don't knock Jesters in Guzz. Its hoofing! Jo's in Pompey is closed now sadly and it seems like Flares is taking over as the "nite"spot for trendy matelots to be seen in.
Going slightly off tangent here but I've lost track of the amount of dodgy (not in that sense) pubs I've been in. One that stands out is the Avondale in Guzz outside the dockyard with the topless barmaid and her ever-so-perky (errr) chest. Excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick
Boobs was burnt down, I was shocked! No more shots for 50p! But Jester's in Guz, damn you got to be rat arsed drunk to enter there! Never been there with a clear head! Civvy birds the size of godzilla with 3 kids who the fathers are unknown. Tatt's all over and skanking hair! Please guys, why fcuk a wench like that?

Mind you it was funny watching the lads trap one of these things and go home with her. Least we knew the next day they were lying when they said they'd pulled a stunner the night before!
Damn feck skjold the Mong.

SK :(
Fecken Mic Macs in Hohne must be the stickiest floor in the EU! There was always a rumble every weekend. I remember some feckwit billy coming over to me when my head wasresting on the bar having consumed about 15 litres of finest german ale, saying 'Your SIB mate I know you, you must be in hear to spy on us!'. Says I after pissing against the bar, 'Your too clever for me mate, you've caught me!' I then made off to the Pink House to 'spy' on the local Toms!

You have been misinformed, Jesters on Catterick is going strong. What a hole.
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