Do you have to?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Otis, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. If taking creatine do you have to state it on the Random Drugs tests?
  2. It is often best to do so when asked.

    It alerts them to any 'red' lights if they appear!
  3. Why wouldn't you anwyay, it's perfectly legal.
  4. doesn't creatine mask other substances ?
  5. From my "Contact", you have to state it on your medication.

    End of chat.
  6. What about poppers? They are a supplyed as a room odariser but they are controled also under the medician act.
  7. Arent they for bummers ???
  8. Yes boilinthebag, they're definately for bummers, once in the Circus nightclub (I think it was called that.) many moons ago in Bielefeld when my mate slotted a medic from DMed Ricmond Bks. He was brought round by that dodgy substance. It's like a sort of smelling salts? (Methinks?)
  9. I had my annual drugs lecture not too long ago. I had to endure the patronising drones of a MAA (Master At Arms) along with a load of booties. Now, I'm not implying anything, but one of the booties did ask a lot of questions about poppers....

    MOD viewpoint is that poppers are legal in civvie street, but are a no-no in the forces.
  10. You do not have to declare anything to a non-medic. If you are taking any medication, you do not have to declare this to the willy-watchers or the other mugs who've been lemmoned to fill in the forms.