do you have to leave army when your 40

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by muzza6984, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Would you have to leave at 40? or do you need to make certain level or something? as im 25 an away in feb but want to do my 22 years but that take me way past 40
  2. the only reason 40 years old became infamous as a time for leaving is because most people join before their 18th birthday. Reckonable service only counts from your 18th birthday onwards, 18 +22 = 40. If you join at 25 you can happily stay til you reach 47, should you so wish.
  3. Assuming there's an Army in fifteen years time.
  4. Assuming there's a planet in 15 years time.
  5. No I am 51 and still serving.
  6. thanks brilliant. cant wait to get away just wish had of younger.
  7. Depends how good you are and what you make of it Muzza.

    One lad from my last cadet unit entered via Sandhurst about 20 and has made 28yrs, still serving, still likely to be promoted,

    Another entered about age 21, served through the ranks and is a serving late entry Major with, I think about 25-26yrs service, could have retired WO1 but said as long as they didn't put him behind a desk he'd like to stay a bit!
  8. i enlisted when i was 19 but medicaly discharged. im now 25 waiting to go into basic training again. do my 22 years start again?
  9. No.

  10. Wah. To the Hole. Maths.
  11. Fucking bollox. Don't believe anything these cunts are telling you! At 40 youthenasia kicks in. You are shot on the parade square in front of the young'uns.
  12. Assumptions....

    If you are on AFPS75 and a soldier, you have to complete 22 years from 18 to draw the pension. Officers need 16 years from 21.

    If you are on AFPS05, you can retire at 40 on the limited pension, providing you have served 18 years or more. The same rules apply to both officers and soldiers. No starting age.

    Otherwise, you can leave as a soldier having completed 22 years. If you have moved to the VEng engagement, the rules change.

    You can be discharged at any time if the Army considers that you are not making progress.

  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I thought the clock ticked for new recruits

    I.e if you 22 you only can serve 18 years

    Although once your in you can apply to stay past 40
  14. so if i get 16 years into it and want to stay longer ill be told "thank you, and goodbye"?
  15. That is unlikely at that stage in your career but manning controls still exist and with the Army fully manned, they could be switched on if the need arose.