Do you have friends in low places?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devil_Dog, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. I have a pal. Nice guy really. If you look past his police record. Burglary, pick pocketing, assault on a handicapped person, shop lifting of goods less than $10, soliciting sex from an undercover cop, filing false charges against a nun, embezzling funds while employed as the manager of an orphanage... etc etc.

    Nice guy really. Known the man for so long he is practically family. I just bailed him out of jail these past few hours. We even share a last name. And a mom. And a dad.

    So Arrsers, who is the most unsavoury character you personally know?
  2. The Bad Man who lives inside my head... :twisted:
  3. Charles Bronson (Michael Peterson) the prisoner. Was on writing terms with him, a nice guy realy and not what he's made out to be within the media etc.

    Got his book "Solitary Fitness" excellent for fitness advice, this guy does thousands of press-ups a day and once held the world record.

    Mad as a hatter though.

    Should have been released ages ago. Petition:
  4. My mate who I've known from junior football and high school days, (ex Cheshire Regt 1990-95) has now served two prison for s20 GBH on a copper and one for the manslaughter of a smackhead who stole his wallet.

    As you can see, he has a bit of a temper! But when he's not angry, he's actually quite a decent lad...
  5. Nah, keep him inside, but every few days send in a new peadophile as his cell mate(after removing what's left of the previous one). :twisted:
  6. Yes i do have a friend in low places. He is a miner. :D

    Seriously though, I have a friend who was once arrested for having sex with a 16 year old. he spent two years in jail, got out and married her. Lucky barstard.
  7. I'm sure that should probably read as 'nearly' 16 years old, sad cnut....
  8. Good one, i reckon the thought of this fate alone could put an end to paedophilia, could call it and be sentenced to the 'Bronson Treatment" this is probably why he's spent 28 years in SC.

    (edited for major mongness/hangover spell)
  9. A couple of the old school London ‘Pantomime Villains’, they have done a total of 60 years in maximum security between them for things that ‘upon my life AJ we never did, apart from a couple of nonces, but that was a public service….what do they say these days…ah yes giving something back

    Very, very polite but utter scum all the same – apart from the selfless act of public service (see above).
  10. My bold. He could have gone to gaol for a 16 or 17 year old...if he was her teacher!!
  11. Did'nt he once rip a cell door of it's hinges? Nails! 8O
  12. Is it against the law to have sex with a 16 year old girl - if you are their male teacher. Certainly a breach of trust - but is that a statutory offence for which you can be imprisoned?
  13. Yeah. since the 2003 Sexual Offences Act - not just a male teacher either - it works both ways in this age of equality!!

    section 16 or maybe 18 off the top of my head..hang on
  14. Yes, then proceeded to use it as a weapon on various PO's