Do you have confidence in Airport Security?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DarkNinja, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Congrats - you made third place
  2. Talking about security in airports not an amusing tail piece in the news.
  3. They didn't make it past the check in desk though, so Airport Security seems to be fine.
  4. On a serious note (and answering the said question) I'm quite happy with airport security. The day I'm not is the day that some bastad's got through security with some ingenious explosive malarkey which goes "bang" and spreads me and another 230 people's insides all over the map. Then I'll be most unhappy!
  5. The mind boggles.
  6. Are we sure that he wasn't just pining, or tired and shagged out after a long squawk?
  7. Should have stuck him in the back of a van and gone through Dover - French immigration is incredibly lax there, usually just wave your passports and drive through. Coming back, though, is a different matter.
  8. Airport Security is pretty tight.

    But there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of unpoliced marinas & ports. I've sailed from country to country, and never once have I had to present a passport.

    So that's the route I would go if I wanted to smuggle or do anything dodgy!
  9. Airport security is tight - but shockingly ineffective. Several years ago I flew through Gatwick Airport and swabs were taken of the inside of my carry-on bag for testing with the mass spectrometer doohicky.

    The results came back as clean, which was a surprising relief since I'd been using the bag on a shoot the day before, where it had been holding several dozen 12-gauge carts and you could SEE flecks of guncotton and residue from fired carts on the swabs.........

    Ho hum, at least it looks like they're doing something :)
  10. If you think the UK is bad get a load of this. Went from Kuwait to Bahrain last week. Every single person on the flight loked like a suicide bomber/terrorist so you would think they would at least try. I went through the scanners with enough metal on me to make 3 or 4 AK47s - not even a blip!! I also had 4 small bottles of water in my rucksac and my laptop, the people were not even looking at the scanner as it went through.

    At least in the UK they do try!
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'll see your swabs and raise you a box of 50 9mm rounds which I accidentally carried through Heathrow in my hand baggage some years ago. It went through the x-ray machine and a hand-search without raising eyebrows. I found it when I unpacked my bag in my hotel in Amsterdam :oops:

    I bravely faced up to the consequences and dumped it in a canal.
  12. Thanks. Keeps us in a job!
  13. To avoid any search they should have put him in a burka. :twisted: