Do you have a story for our magazine?

Looking for inspiring/interesting stories of women who've found good jobs and successful careers after leaving the Armed Forces (ideally within the past five years).

This is for a free magazine due to go in the leaver's pack for all female SLs. If you have a suitable story that you would like to see appear in print, please contact Dr Foster.

Bad CO kindly granted permission for this post.
Apologies for second message, but is there really no one who's managed to find a good job after the armed forces? Would be nice to a print a "good news story" for once! If anyone wants to PM me for more information, I will be happy to chat.

Karin Mochan
Dr Foster Intelligence
Why for women services leavers? Thats sexist that.

There's a story on here somewhere about an ex-RMP chick who is now chief of security as Terminal 5 because she's shagging the boss if you can find it.
Thanks for pulling me up on that!

Don't worry, men are not being overlooked. We've already put together a title for male service leavers - and the plan is to launch both magazines together later this year.

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