Do you go to colchester for failing a CDT?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by newbie123456, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. If you don't argue with the failed test do you get discharged straight away or do some time in colchester first, if so, how long?
  2. Yes, expect to do some time followed by a DD.
    Have you taken something naughty at the weekend?
  3. Depends on Rank/time served. What drugs did you take? Was it worth it?
  4. With the current state of manning, I would probably guess a discharge inbound!

    It used to be very dependent on time of career (recruits have one chance after a positive result), what drugs etc?
  5. Almost certainly a simple discharge. The rigmarole of going through the disciplinary process to send someone to Colly isn't worth the effort. A CDT failure can be run through as a discharge very simply.
  6. Under British law you cannot give evidence against yourself and as a urine sample is classed as evidence then it cannot be used against you - to answer your question, no you would not do time in MCTC, you would simply be discharged.
  7. Have you just made that up or is every drink driving conviction ever based on blood/breath samples invalid too?
  8. Are you looking at getting out earlier by taking something?
  9. Almost certainly straight to civvie street with a statement on your testimonial. Enjoy trying to get a job with that on your reference!


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  10. You get directions to the front gate, within about 2 days from what I've seen.
  11. you say good luck with that on your reference, what does this mean? do you have to put it on your cv? how would an employer find out?
  12. 1. No i'm not looking to get out quick, but for those who do, it seems very easy to do so and therefore a major floor if all they have to do is take some drugs at the weekend and then you're straight out? surely they should have to do some time before they get discharged? can anyone confirm what actually happens regarding discipline after a fail?

    2. With regards to it going on your reference, what exactly would go on? how would any employer know you were in the army least of all fail a drugs test?

    seems a bit too easy to get out to me.
  13. Assuming you're not going to go for a job that requires security clearance, you can always lie about what you've been doing for a few years of your life. Claiming to have spent them sitting on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle rather than being gainfully employed is hardly going to impress a potential employer though. Being found out for lying in your job interview later on is probably not high on the list of things you should do to stay employed either.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well no employer in the last 25 years has ever asked to see my red book!
  15. I agree, Ive known lots of lads kicked out for drugs who have found work (Granted, not as a copper or anything like that), but most civvie firms don't really give a shit so long as you can do the job.