Do you go to annual camp if youre not trade trained?

I won't have finished my trade training by the time annual camp comes around. If I need to book the time off work I kind-of need to do it sharpish (ie now) as the dates regretfully already coincide with someone in my team on their honeymoon and potentially someone else on paternity leave.

Whatever the answer being able to sort it now adds weight to my long running argument with HR that being in the TA doesn't adversely affect my work responsibilities. I would normally wait to ask the RRTT next time I'm in but, as usual, my work need an answer yesterday (and preferably the day before, too).

thanks for your help.
If you are where I think you are then shouldnt be a problem, as long as youve done CMSR. I did annual camp within a couple of months of CMSR and before getting any trades under my belt.

It will be that much more fun for you (and useful for the sqdn) if you can get your Land Rover fam done, but hopefully the grown ups will have thought of that and have factored a weekend of driver training into the training for summer time.

But contact RRTT, they will give you the official answer.
Your unit will most likely be happy for you to come along. What trade are you hoping to be, or looking at? If the camp is deploying on an exercise then it's a great opportunity to get some trade trg done. My OC was of the opinion that two weeks working alongside a trained operator and even doing the job unsupervised without ballsing it up pretty much counts as trade training. The training package later is just a formality after that and useful for learning how things should be done.

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