Do you get to play games over the network in the army?

I'm interested to know if at any stage the powers that be will allow the soldiers to relax and play an FPS (First Person Shooter) over the local network in the barracks?

any advice along the same line will be appreciated!

I've seen Call of Duty played over an Army Network by SNCO's. I think it was their downtime though.....



The GorLanGamers are a games clan run by a group of RAF chaps.
They have a few army bods in their ranks.

They run LAN partys every quarter in a village hall they book out for a weekend.
It’s not in barracks but if you have the time off it’s worth going to.
we used to have cat 5e runnning in and out of every room so everyone with an xbox could play halo2.... it developed so much that we had to get techs to actually plumb it into the block instead of it just trailing on the floor. provides a cheap alternative for fun when the last 2 weeks of the month everyone is skint.

it wasnt fronwed upon because it kept us out of trouble. and not puking up in the streets or fighting each other down town. as long as the cables were neat and tidy.
fcuk me, there is nothing better than to play Alien vs Predator 2 over a network with a few lads, get a few beers in, play until early hours, LOL, the game is pretty old now, but it's one of the best games I have played, you get a nice array of weapons, Pulse Rifle, rocket launcher, Mini gun, flame thrower etc..., although there are better games out there now, it was the best for it's time! LOL Bring on the EXO-SUIT muthafcukers!!! hahahaaaa
i was thinking whether it would be worth taking my laptop with me to my training and when im qualified.Is this allowed and can i hook up to the internet??

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