Do you get to Choose Unit/Regiment?

Just a question I've had ticking over in my mind today, wondered if anyone could tell me if you have any say or get asked if you have a preference in the regiment that you are posted to after you've completed your trade training, or weather you just get told where you're going and if you dont like it then tough?

That sounded better in my head but I'm sure you get the idea of what I mean.

Short answer, no.

Unless you volunteer for either Para or Commando of course. You can ask, but chances are you will get sent where your trade is needed.
needs of the corps outweigh your personal preference.

managed to get 2 of the units i requested out of all my postings.

good luck.
Remember mate its an "Assignment Order" :D

Has the Emperor been round Gib spreading some vicious rumours :?
best thing m8 get a 4% trade and like nottingham. other then that kiss arse and crying normally works for some people. me i asked for Germany all my time and ive had Ripon, Cambridge and Cambridge again. The only gauranteed post is Chatham, merely to sap morale from the troops and make you realise that in the big green machine the civvi's have the biggest cog!

you can get compationate postings so if it was Diabetic children you can ask for Cambridge cause of the better facilities locally. Or you can go where your family are and live in a shadow!

Anywhere you go is great because there is other Engineer's there!! Nuf said!
Asked for Germany in training but got Ripon!

Asked to stay at Ripon after a few years but got Germany!

Got what i asked for in a way!
The only people who ( sometimes ) get to choose there regiment is the ones who sign off, then sign back on again when they get what they want.
hurrahfortheRE said:
Well, my preferences went 28(Germany), 35(Germany), 32(Germany).

Got Chilwell(UK) but in Glasgow's defence, Chilwell was on the way to Germany!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Only cos you were coming from 25 mate :D :wink:
My preferences went; 36 (Maidstone - cos I lived near there) 35 (Hameln) cos somebody said it was 'good' and i can't even remember my third.

Got 35 fisrt (it was better than 'good' it was Greaaaaaat!) then after four years 36. funny how it worked out.

My apron strings had well and truly broken by Maidstone, and after 18 months I took a voluntary posting back to Germany (in place of a pad who didn't want to go) to 21 and that was great too.

Maidstone was very good but the Badge there had a pathalogical hatred of me.

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