Do you get scared

First of all im no weirdo or sicko Just wanted to get that straight.
Im hoping to get back into the infantry after 3 years ago I had to leave after only week 11.
Now thats out the way down to the serious bit.
I was round my mates house the other day and he asked me to watch something on the net.
After only a couple of seconds I realised what it was and refused.
After an honest and agressive plea to watch the footage I ,with a morbid and what can only be described as a strangely human compulsion agreed with a grimace on my face, began to watch.

My heart rate went up I was sweating and was genuinely sickened by what I saw, an Iraqi border patrol guard being dragged through the street and beheaded in front of the villagers or townsfolk that had gathered.
Some were cheering and chanting, some were crying, some remained silent.
I obviously just stood there in horror and disbelief.
I wasnt sure why I had reacted in this way but I then had aquired a genuine fear and also an understanding of why these people must be sorted out.
When people join up and gain their "regged up " attitude obviously all of the fear is dissipated, but how can people be allowed to do this to each other.
No one intervened and no doubt the party involved will never be caught.
Im sorry to go on a bit but this really did shake me up a bit and I certainly do now appreciate more than ever how lucky I and we are in our great nation.
I now have more motivation to achieve something in my life than ever before, and understand why the need to be a part of something ,and make a difference on this planet will hopefully enable me one day to stop these f-ckin bullies from ganging up on people without back up and Id love to see what they would do to a platoon of pissed off British Infantry soldiers.
Once again the reason I watched it was as stated above and I can safely say that if these civillian ******* who opposed the war in the first place were all shown that clip or the numerous others that are floating around on the net they would soon change their tune.
Sorry again for the long post but no one at my house would listen to me.

"Courage is being scared..but saddling up anyway"

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