Do you get paid during basic training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by insanemadman1990, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Do you get paid during basic training. Went down the careers center yesterday and just forgot to ask. And if so do you know what the pay is. Cheers!
  2. Oh noooo!!!
  3. yes you do.

    you even get a day's pay when you take the oath of allegiance (attestation at the careers office)...
  4. Days pay for the oath my scrawny little ass.
  5. So did your Recruiter not give you the Rates of pay leaflet or were you just not listening????
  6. Didn't get one.
  7. Go to the link below for the rates of pay, for new entrants, that is you young sprog, can be found at the bottom of the page.

    British Army rate of pay
  8. you're a fucking civvy, what would you know? :)

    only kidding. i got it when i joined in 1990, but it's been binned since then. but you can always ask about it when you take the oath...
  9. On this topic, whilst going through basic how much do people clear into their accounts? After tax and whatever your charged for board/food?

    I have outgoings I will need to keep up so would be good to make sure I wont starve whilst going through basic.
  11. They'll ask you about your outgoings at the ACIO i think there is a limit of 25% or something otherwise it will a barrier to your entry. If its more than that you need to get your house in order.
  12. WAH it's got to be

    If not FFS get your arrse back to the AFCO and get the information!!!
  13. Fcuk it!!

    Forget what i said before i was just on a wind up, the Army will give you an interest free loan of whatever you make sure you are debt free on entry. They will then deduct this from your pay at a rate of £50 per month maximum.

    A good thing to do is get a big fat loan and spunk the lot before you join then the army will pay it off and youre sitting pretty.

    Happy days. Disregard any advice to the contrary you recieve on here theyre just trying to steer you down a dark path.

  14. Well strangely enough, the reason for paying Food/accomodation charges is so that you don't starve and guess what - they even give you somewhere to sleep! :frustrated:

    Any money left is for you to piss up the wall anyway you please!
  15. Well my outgoings are more than likely around the 25% mark of the amount I would earn whilst on basic.

    Are you charged board/food whilst on basic?
    None of this has been covered at any of my chats at the AFCO, though I have only just done my BARB so they might mention it in my next interview.