do you get drug tested as soon as you go into the army

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stallion_max, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. do you get drug tested as soon as you go into the army? Please answer seriously?
  3. He is !
  4. Did you think the answer would be different on here?
  5. If you think you are gonna get away with your silly chav habits in the military you are wrong. Show some self respec and ditch it weeks before you join, and never go back. Be advised, Colly is hard time!
  6. Colchester MCTC is a mince compared to real prison though it also depends what Company you are in.
  7. The very organisation that you are trying to join are the ones who hunt down these dope slinging scumbags mercilessly and then proceed to pump them full of 5.56mm, douse them in petrol then set them on fire whilst bayoneting them chopping their dirty little b*llucks off and ridding the world of one more piece of shite.

  8. It was a bit differant in 1975,I was in A wing
  9. What you mean is 'I am a drug taker and I want to join the army' yes? Which ever way you want to dress it up that is the result. The answer is that no, you do not get tested immediately. You will however be tested on a purely random basis with zero notification once you have joined.
    Now p**s off you drug taking waste of space chav.
  10. I can certainly imagine mucker. However it is very nice there these days. We wouldn't want to hurt their feelings now would we?
  11. You have the chance to be honest here as we don't know who you are. Do you take drugs now or recently (in the last six months)? If the answer is no then you have probably experimented and that is not a problem due to the society that surrounds us these days. However if you are still taking drugs and which to join the Army only to be another waste of space that gives 99% of the good people a bad name because of your ignorance and s*it attitude, then don't even sign on the dotted line, as I for one will hunt you down and bitch slap you back to civi street.

    There is no room for drug takers in the military. We have to many natural highs to get our rocks off and the good old grog.
  12. This prick has now posted tha same ting 3 times... Easily a smackhead
  13. I saw a program on TV, which suggested CDTs don't happen until middle of CMSR. I don't think I got tested during training at all.

    But, if you have been accepted into the Army, and you've still taken drugs, it's hardly a sign that you are serious, or committed, is it?..

    The army is probably not for you.

    Have you considered selling the Big Issue, instead? Lots of money to spend on drugs then, and no real responsibilities - that's why the people I've met since I've been working in rehab have liked selling it. Twat.
  14. Bearing in mind you can be back-traced for five years, any previous transgressions could be held against you.

    If your still throwing it up your nose, then your a cunt.
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