Do You get army ID Card when in harrogate?

Hi, im bit new to this but im just wondering do you get a army Id card when you attend harrogate AFC, its just i have a friend in the marines who say you only get one when your a real soldier.

sorry but im abit confused at this.
Did when I was there (1970) and can't see it changing. You are a part of the army from the moment you enlist, not when your training ends.
Best of luck.
My son who's there at the moment hasnt been issued with a proper MOD90 yet, he was given a Under 18's temporary ID pass whilst there. When he was home last month he understood he will have his new one soon, he passes out next week after finishing his year at AFC so it is either at the end of AFC or when posted to phase 2.
machine-ladder, you dont need to show your M90 when you chat up the birds ;)

"sorry but im abit confused at this" never ever be afraid to ask .
If your in then youre in.... good luck !


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