Do you get a bonus for serving in Iraq? Serious Question...

Quick question:

A colleague of mine (ex Army) has asked me this morning, if there is some form of bonus for soldiers serving in Iraq at the moment?

His nephew is out there at the moment, and has mentioned a bonus for serving in the sandpit.

My colleague wanted to know if this was legit or duty rumour?

Thanks in advance.
The bonus is getting back in one piece without managing to get prosecuted in order that Bliar can pander to the tree huggers and the Muslim vote!
Well, you get LSSA but that's about it. I doubt the MOD would ever pay a bonus for serving in Iraq - it'd cost them a fortune.
No, we do not get any such thing!

British soldiers have never been given anything other than the normal allowances they are entitled to - LSSA, residual LOA etc...

There was the 'Water Money' fiasco on Granby and the UN pay thing still rumbles on, but as of my trip out there on TELIC 6 last year, we were NOT getting any form of 'bonus'...........

Now watch one of the desk commandos say "And why not? It was brought in 12 months ago"...................
ABrighter2006 said:
does anyone have definitive answer?
LSSA is a bonus of sorts. It's not Iraq specific. TA types will get £420 odd quid for turning up to Chillwell for Mobilisation. Again, this isn't Iraq specific.
Do you still get payments for work in unpleasent conditions (PWUC)? It was in force during telic 4 in the hot summer of 2004.

You got a payment of around a couple of quid per day when you were carrying out work deemed to be over and above the general unpleasantness in the theatre.

Examples are:-

Chef's working in field kitchens where temps regularly got close to 90C (I once saw the meat thermometer lieing on a shelf reading 110C but don't know if it was accurate, felt like it to me!!)

Patrols over 4 hours duration in un airconditioned enclosed vehicles - i.e. the Snatch with the buggered AC pack, back of a saxon...

hard physical labour during high temp.

many other instances, in all of these circumstances you were entitled to claim a payment and they were collated by Sqn monthly and paid in arrears.
The British Army do not pay bonuses. LSSA is not a bonus (and cannot be considered a bonus of sorts) it is a hard earned allowance, as is the pittance paid for Work of an Objectional Manner (which is still being paid to some troops in Iraq).
Jimima_Shark said:

Yes! You get a great big coin that you can dangle off your chest every once in a while!


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