Do You Feel Safer??

according to the usual bunch of boffins at some BritGit University who got paid a whackload of money, no doubt, for this study..

Those who live / work in London [ and it probably holds true for most major ' great metropolises ' ] are ' surveiled ' [ photo/ video ] an average of 300 times a day as they go about their normal activities..

other than a make work project for couch potatoes who have to review/stare at these images during an 8 hour shift..what does it prove?.. [ unless they're collecting surrepticious boob shots of the ' good ones' for enjoyment later ]...the chance of actually catching a crook or a terrorist planting a bomb is miniscule and unless the law has been changed in most place - corroborating evidence must be provided in prosecuting cases based on such images ]..

Still camera makers, film producers and digital wizards are making money so I guess it helps the economy some...

George Orwall would have enjoyed this...

why don't I feel any safer?...Next time I'm shot, stabbed or f**ked..the authorities won't respond any faster. I'm sure.. but, hey.. I'll have a nfity 'visual memento ' of my experience to watch afterwards...
Most terrorist and big time crooks setup OP's on the target, learn the area etc. If they see a trend, they get down there and ping the bad guys - seems to be working....

Just because you don't see the results don't mean there aren't any.
Rocketeer, you are spot on, working as a doorman last nov i single handed kicked a well known portuguese street fighter out our pub/club, he then hurled abuse at me and me mucker for 3/4 of an hour, the feds had already been called, they said "don't worry we have you on camera" so we could do **** all, best of it then they send two coppers fresh out the factory round! Johnny (the wnaker) had one of em on the ground in a flash. next thing the riot van chips up. six coppers to get him in!
Funny bit was when they came over to ask if we were alright! i nearly laughed me forkin head off! 1 ex squaddie vs 6 feds! it makes you cry, but the point is, how as Rocketeer said is a camera meant to protect u while the bizzies are busy nickin people for speeding and havin the wrong window tint film in their novas !!!!!!!
Spot on Rapierman! Especially the speeding and nicking for tints part. Also included is the fact that they feel the need to nick bikers for various visors that are safer to use than the legal ones!

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