Do you feel lucky? New 5.56

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by pp0470, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. Intersting. Wonder what it weighs. With a hollow steel core it must be pretty light, I would have thought.
  2. I would think that any article containing this line,

    The traditional bullets are designed to wound an enemy fighter so comrades are distracted and go to their aid

    would give a good indication as to the reporters understanding of anything.

    Having now read the whole article I would be surprised if the "reporter" Kate Mansey can actually dress herself in the morning.
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  3. But I want to maim them :(
  4. Just create a 400 metre long bayonet instead, they don't like it up em.

    Edit: Except on Thursday.
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  6. ?

    Explain CQMS, I'm no munitions expert but I was always had the understanding that our current rounds were originally designed to cause maximum damage on the enemy without killing them. The theory being that an injured soldier will waste the enemies resources as his comrades try to treat him and casevac him. Ideal theory if your fighting a cold war pitched battle, not so important in todays climate where enemy fighter aren't so highly valued by there own side.
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  7. Ammunition is designed to render an enemy ineffective, whether by fear wounds or death it matters not. Speculation about their attitude to wounded comrades does not form any part of the design.

    It is in fact a flawed argument, we are duty bound to assist a wounded enemy, they are not.

    Edited to add:

    Ask any doctor if you can start making 5.56mm holes in people with the expectation that they won't die and see what he says.
  8. If a bullet is only designed to wound, that would allow the enemy to continue to fire his weapon, push the button to fire his suicide vest etc etc

    The standard ammunition on issue to troops is not and never has been designed to wound.
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  9. When we went from the SLR to the IW, we were told it was to wound hence the round being half the weight, we were also told that engagements of the future would be generally at 300m or less.

    These decisions made in the late 70's now come back to haunt us.
  10. What was your employment when you were told that? Perhaps more pertinently, who told you it?

    I only ask because I was always taught to aim for a hit at centre of mass of the target. That was almost always an area covering the vital organs. It would take a lucky high velocity round striking the vital organs to intentionaly wound, not kill.
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  11. Have you actually shot either weapon?

    And no, airsoft doesn't count.
  12. They are longer?
    How do they fit the mag? i mean its pretty close as it is..
  13. The projectile is longer however there is more of it in the case, the round is not longer.
  14. Biped

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    I think it's because of the upcoming EU ban on lead-based ammunition. Apparently, lead is not good for you if ingested, at any velocity.

    Edited to add: Expanding ammo is also bad for you, so that got banned too.

    Apparently, if you tickle someone too much, they can shit themselves, leading to nappy rash - which is also bad for you.