Do you consider Division 3 newboys Leeds United to be a Big

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gundulph, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Yes - they may now be in the old 3rd Division but I still consider them BIGGER than the 40 teams abo

  2. You Can Kiss My ARRSE - a Resounding NO!!!

  3. I'm betting on a Bottom 3 place for next Season...

  4. Hmm... This is a Very Difficult Question... You could ask this also of the once Big Accrington Stanl

  1. Keano etc. are still convinced their Once Mighty Footballing side that is or could it be 'Was' Leeds United is still a BIG Club... there has been some debate on this so lets put it to a Poll Vote to prove it... (and Leeds Fans this means only one Vote per person perleease!)...
  2. As a newly promoted and devoted Swindon Town fan, i am particulaly looking forward to meeting this "huge" club in league 1 (ok ok Div 3) next season. And Mr Judas Wise, you should have stayed with us instead of taking Leeds gold pieces, that way you could have entered League 1 (ok, ok Div 3) in a more dignified manner than you dragged Leeds into it. Oh yes and why wont you be starting on minus 10 points!! :evil:
  3. Leeds United AFC have a proud history, a proud fanbase and im sure they will revive themselves, as a Yorkshireman its depressing to see such a fall from grace, but as they say the only way is up, where as it might not be a big club Gundolph in terms of fixtures big names and European cupties anymore, Im sure you'll agree for the league their in there a massive club.
  4. Yep, a Resounding Well Done to Swindon, another amazing result for Good Ol Luggy, Southampton were idiots, not giving Paul Sturrock the chance he deserved I'm glad Paul Sturrock has done the Business again as he did twice with Plymouth Argyle, with Sheffield Wednesday and now with yourselves, the man is a Legend!
  5. Bottom three and fast heading for a right trashing from Torquay Utd in a couple of seasons..... :lol:

    Well done Swindon though.....
  6. Time will tell Spitlock, Division 1 isn't the walkover Leeds United will be expecting, I personally don't see you coming back for a couple of Seasons at least...
  7. Get yourself a posting to Aldershot. They will be passing each other in the not too distant future.
  8. Gawd you don't give up, its already narking you that we expect silverware. The major drop was ages ago, last seasons defeat to Watford was hard, this is minor. Whats annoying you is that Leeds will come back and be top 1 in the premiership sooner rather than later.
  9. Ryman premiership.
  10. You really do go through life wearing yellow, blue and white tinted spectacles don't you fella... "Expect Silverware" that is laughable, everyone here who supports a Division One Team reading that will be rolling around with laughter, I'll say it again, Division One is not the walkover you think it is going to be as was the Championship, which you ended up becoming the foundations of!
  11. Do I really? Give me a long term financial reason why Leeds will not bounce back.

    Potential turnover £100+ million (peak being £109m 2000-01)

    Current turnover probably about £20-30 million (wages/turnover 50%)

    Biggest 'ex' big club (Nottingham Forest) turnover $12 million (wages/turnover 75%)

    Debts, not exactly sure but isn't it around £3.5 million (10% of the £35m owed before going into administration)
  12. Paraphrasing Samuel Johnson
  13. As A Bristol Rovers fan I'm looking forward to winning the playoffs and joining Swindon Cheltenham and Yeovil in the "Big time" of the 3rd Div. I would love to go to the Swindon vs Leeds match just to give that fcuking munchkin Wise a piece of my mind, money chasing tw@t. He should have stuck with it at Swindon fair play to them!
  14. Paul Sturrock should have come to Leeds the man is a great manager. I despise Dennis Wise the midget can't even speak properly.
  15. Sorry but Leeds have never been a big club. In my opinion ,'Big' club does not just mean 'well supported' club. Big clubs are the ones who have shown repeated sucess throughout their history, are well supported and compete in club competition with the top teams from other countries. Having 25,000 or so average attendance and winning one 'old' div 1 title in the last few decades does not make a big club.

    Leeds have much in common with clubs like Blackpool and Preston etc. the ones that were massively supported in their prime, that have had a resonable period of success in their past but will never be thought of as a big club.

    Look how long it has taken Bolton to get back into competitive football with the top clubs yet even with Boltons past history they will never be considered a big club...[no disrespect to Bolton etc.]

    Now, If you are asking are Leeds a big fish in a small pond then my answer would be yes. but a big