Do you always get the job you want ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by iwantwings, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. If i walk in to the careers office and say all i want to join is the paras what will my responce be ?

    im only really interested in the paras as its the biggest challange !

    And what do you think my chances of starting training in the next couple months ???????

    not sure why but my other post has been closed i think????????????????????????????????????????
  2. Make it stop....
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  3. Fuck me, I remember when the odd sock puppet would bring down the house amidst a flurry of rage and shaking fists.

    Now when one pops up its like looking down the cereal aisle in ASDA at someone trying to explain to and placate the irate teenage Downie hanging off their arm that you 'can't have Co-co Pops for ya tea!', mildly interesting but not enough to stop you in your steps.
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  4. Sounds like you're the perfect candidate. The Army won't have to pay for the lobotomy.
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  5. I think the problem is that the general quality of today's sockpuppet is very very low.

    They're all the same person and that person needs to get himself a fucking dictionary.
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  6. No, the biggest challenge for you would be to learn to spell and use grammar. Fitness isn't a challenge at all.

    Wah shield is deployed BTW!

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  7. You've used your yearly allocation of question marks.
    A top up can be purchased from the Site owners at reasonable rates.
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  8. Ok room of clear degenerates (shame)

    Did wonder when first looked on this page and as i thought full of silly little boys wee shame
  9. So you can spell degenerates but you struggle with the "challange" of spelling Response?

    Very poor attempt. Go away and think about what you've done.
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  10. The only wings you'll be getting will be your brown ones big lad
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  11. 'wee' ? Being not only illiterate and devoid of imagination but your a fucking Jock as well?
  12. No.

    I wanted to be a Gynaecologist, but they couldn't find an opening for me.
  13. Do you remember (back when ARRSE was funny) how Wedge and a very few others could keep us entertained for hour with sock-puppet wind ups?

    Eeeee, them were the days!
  14. Ok well as amusing as it would be to spend my night lowering myself to the undeveloped puerile conversation you boys put together you only have me a little longer as i have things to do so give it your best !
  15. "Clear" degenerate? How dare you. I'll have you know i'm a murky one.