Do we want a Scruffs Bar?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by putteesinmyhands, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Yes. The main bar is too stuffy. I would be a frequent user.

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  2. I am not sure. I only drop into the Mess for a swift one and for functions.

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  3. No. I use the Mess to be serious. If I want a laugh, I go to the NAAFI (but don't tel

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  1. I've noticed that the ARRSE Mess is a terribly formal place to be. It's hardly surprising as there doesn't even appear to be a bar!

    C_C does a grand job of policing the posts, ensuring that the content remains on topic, but this can be a bit frustrating when the subject follows a natural trend off-line.

    Is it time to delve into the Mess Funds and turn that large store room at the back of the Dining Room into a Scruff's Bar? It shouldn't cost much if we keep to a sensible colour scheme - largely magnolia with green and black highlights, perhaps a bit of red gloss. (Lady members may have an issue with the colours, but we can get them for nothing). And we can AGAI enough juniors to help with the decorating.

    A Scruff's Bar could be a place where you can wear jeans and T-shirts and drape yourself across the time-retired furniture, indulging in meandering conversation with moderation less strict (e.g. use as many smilies as you like).

    Seriously, though, is it time that Seniors had a Sub-Forum, new posts not advertised on the Index Page, that we can retire to when we don't feel too serious, but tire of the NAAFI and want the company of our own?

    I've opened a poll on this subject to get the feel of the Mess Members. It would be pointless trying to open a Scruff's Bar only to find that nobody uses it. It would be useful to suggest the rules that would apply in the Scruff's Bar (i.e. moderation rules) to ensure that, while relaxed, it maintains a standard appropriate to the Mess.
  2. I think we should stay as we are, most of the threads remain on topic (ish) and we seem to manage OK.

    The PMC just needs to take a chill pill sometimes ;) (oops - sorry, another smiley)

    Sub-forums get a bit tedious in my view, more clicks to get to whare you want to be.
  3. It wont mean an increase in my mess bill will it?
  4. Shnebb.
  5. You already have a scruffs bar of sorts, it’s called the ARRSE Hole and does exactly as you’ve just described.
  6. PMC is a miserable git, so wont really allow a scruffs bar, would it be allowed in your mess....if we wanted scruffs we went outside even took the chance in the naafi now and again.

    also i think you will find that I don't actually remove posts etc from here that often, i just do a gentle reminder. I have enough of drivel posts etc in the naafi.

    it maybe just the Internet, but some semblance of order must be maintained.

    or should i start fining bottles of port :wink:

    and smileys are OK to use, not just as the sole reply or the excessive use in here.
    no mess nights to vote on this one really

    p.s. do i need to chill or should some posters not get so worked up about being critisized?
  7. C_C:

    Taken at face value, your moderation seems excessively strict at times. Looking deeper, it's really that you are enforcing rules in order to maintain a standard, so "firm but fair" (in accordance with policy) is probably a reasonable description.

    The trouble lies with the policy of keeping topics on theme. An example would be the "Smoking in the Mess" thread which died a death, not through natural causes (had it been in an open forum, it would have been heading for the Hole due to repetition), but because arguments could not be put as these were based on information outside the domain of the Mess. The topic was Mess-related, but arguments necessarily needed to come from beyond the Mess grounds.

    The thought behind the Scruff's Bar (and in answer to your question, both messes that I've been directly associated with have them, one a genuine Scruff's Bar, the other decidedly less formal than the main bar) is that moderation would be limited to potentially legal issues and unnecessary rants. The forum would act along the lines of a chat room but not require that all contributors be on line at the same time, so meandering of threads would be commonplace. Or, as an alternative description, a Group that is essentially open to all without invitation.

    By keeping it within the Mess, but with no direct access from the Index page, non-members would be discouraged from entering, allowing members to open up a little more.

    Considering that a large proportion of the ARRSE membership must qualify for entry to the Mess, there's not a great deal of usage. Is this an indication that the Mess could be improved, or a general reflection of military society?
  8. Hardly, considering the suggested decor.
  9. maybe it is just I am "old school"

    no i think it is just most users tend to look at front page topics, and respond to them, rather than browsing forums, I could be wrong of course.

    as for the meandering off topics, i as already said, do not censor that much, as I do post the odd reminder. but if we allow all forums/threads to just wander around the houses, we will not achieve a decent debate, but thats my view. there is still a lot of humour going on within the forum, but i see no point in answering a post with just one word answers or smiley's, and yes i know its just the Internet.
    i don't know it all (contrary to what some believe)but i wont allow it to drop to the naafi level, or worse. but as it has been suggested i can try and chill a bit...
  10. Having recently joined this forum - it is just like a mess meeting - topics you've heard all over the place - I like the sound of a scruff's bar but as has already been said you can dip into other topics.

    This whole site surely is all about having a laugh/sharing banter with people who share a similar(ish) viewpoint/outlook on life because of the experiences we've had.

    Knowing the moderation policy - the old mess rules remain extant on this forum (and for good reasons) - it's why it ain't that interesting - but them's the rules.

    If you want a laugh - go elsewhere - it's the internet.