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Do we still need a profanity filter?

Does ARRSE really need a fcuking profanity filter?

  • Yes, I get offended very easily and may sue someone

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  • Mag to grid, it's fcuking shoite

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  • Total voters
I only ask because it's so easy to get around, to the point it no longer seems necessary to have one. For example;

Using the bold function; (Cunt)

Substituting letters for words (D1ck, C0ck, SH1t)

Spaces or full stops between words (c o.c k.s u.c k.e r )

I personally think it's not needed because of the type of people who use this site, be it either Military types or those close to us. Another reason for binning it would be when it tries to filter out non offensive words such as Scunthorpe (although this may be offensive to some ARRSEers for footballing reasons) and bastard (in it's correct context, of course).

So then, the swear filter - vital tool or pain in the arrse?

Apologies if this has been done before, but I couldn't (be arrsed to) find it.
It's a useful tool that discourages NAAFI banter from entering the more serious parts of the site. Yes, it's easy to get round, but you take a second thought about doing so.

Also makes you chuckle when you read about cocking handles and so on.

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