Do we really need the news?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tinman74, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Do we need the constant bombardment of the negativity as its seen through various agencies interpretation?

    I personally would rather have the facts, without the spin.
  2. You're right of course. The BBC should only be granted a charter if they undertake to broadcast nothing but 'happy news'.
  3. Not got an issue with the news, just the way they spin it. The Interpretation of it should be left for the viewer, it's the predictable but that always follows a statement or achievement, regardless.
  4. Now there's an innovation. How on earth would we cope without reporters/news channels interpreting their version of the facts for us.

    ...Couldn't agree more Tinman.
  5. Yep, can't agree more. I've been thinking about going cold turkey on the current formated news from the print and tv media as it's all just ****. I tend to get a bit more of an objective view from this site. Other than my work requirements of keeping an 'weather' eye on what the fucks happening I'd wouldn't even bother.

    Actually, I might try a BB social experiment and see if I can go without all the news wankathons and just keep it to this site as a tome of reference and the daily int briefs.
  6. Why is it called "News"?

    Surely, if it's already happened, it should be called "History.”
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  7. If you need to see news and you had to choose between either Fox News or Al Jazeera English which one would you go for?
  8. Having done just that for months on end, (minus the ARRSE input), I can tell you that pretty soon you won't miss it (though it's surprising when the Xmas/New Year roundup of dead people comes up).
  9. Al Jazeera English. Those Foxy reporters need to be on the receiving end of a Hunt...
  10. ^ Well, seeing that I'm now on a news withdrawal program I can't really answer that, although historically I watched Al Jazeera English via SBS news.

    Re: Newsprint, I used to read the back pages first - tells of mans achievements, whereas the frontpages tell of mans failures.
  11. Only if your not aware of what has happend, it's all down to the perspective. I am 37, that is news to you but it's history to me.
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  12. The BBC doesn't do news anyway, it's constant overdressed Jock poofters telling us what the weather won't be like, interspersed with adverts for Strictly My Bollocks. Gash. Even the now dead ITV News channel was better (as is the No Signal I get on Channel 56)
  13. Interesting, though not unexpected. I've worked (and still do) for both and I know that Al Jazeera strives to present an unbiased perspective which I think the achieve.
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  14. 37?

    I was 41 whaen I was your age.
  15. Sometimes 'it' is still happening but you're right, most News is just history we haven't heard yet.
    Someone once told me that an average old boy, living in a village, pre-television and radio- say around the turn of 19th Century- would have assimilated fewer 'news stories' in his entire lifetime than the total of articles carried in one daily broadsheet newspaper.