Do we really need Kings Troop RHA ? - Failings at the funeral of HM Queen Victoria

Given the failings of King Troop RHA at the funeral of HM Queen Victoria and the fact that the Royal Navy have been involved in no less than five state funerals and taken command. Wouldn't it make more sense for the Kings Troop to be disbanded and monies distrubuted to other regiments ?

Is there a need for Kings Troop RHA today with very tight monetary restraints and what effect to they have in todays strategic military climate?

Interesting information on the failings of King Troop RHA at the funeral of HM Queen Victoria

Memorials and Monuments in Portsmouth - Field Gun Carriage
Hermes, I'd look in to how many IAs The Kings' Troop have.

And as stated above re the HCMR, when the HCMR go on holidays to the sea who stands in their stead?
If the Household Division do not require KT support to meet their tasks then we should bin them....I'd rather keep something useful like a Band!


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It is a tradition that the dragropes at Q V's funeral were improvised from the communication cord of the royal train.
Is there a need for the household cavalry to have horses.
Well of course there is you muppet, what are they going to do with all those horseshoes and tack not to mention all that ****ing hay? It won't eat itself you know.
Yes, they should be disbanded for their disgraceful behaviour 111 years ago at HM Queen Victoria's funeral.

I'm surprised that nobody has thought of it before.

No respect some people.


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Oddly enough, I've just been to my GP.

Told him I had Hermes. He said, "Don't you mean Herpes?"

"No" I said, "I think I'm a carrier".
Boom! Boom!

You should go to Hollwood 'Bravo_Bravo': the walk would do you good.

The King's Troop = brilliance! No, I'm not King's Troop, neither am I RHA, I just like excellence.
Is there a need for them? Since all they seem to do is make the birthday parade 10 minutes longer and add more horse shit to the mall, then no. **** them them off as far from the hallowed turf of horse guards parade as possible.

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