Do we really need a second inauguration?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Corporal, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. Do we really need a second inauguration?

    Over $40 million has been raised in private donations to pay for the Presidents second inauguration, but that is only a drop in the bucket towards the total cost. The city of Washington D.C. is going to spend in excess of $17 million on the event, not to mention what the Federal government and surrounding states are going to kick in.

    The swearing in ceremony isn't even the "real" inauguration (Bush will sign the documents that legally make him President just before the public re-enactment starts). This all seems a little excessive.
  2. Corp, hate to be rude but you lot voted him in.Didn't like Kerry much either but thought he was better than Dubya.May be its just an office party where the planning got out of hand to celebtate him winning!
  3. What does that have to do with my original question? :?

    Let me put it another way: Does any two term President really need to have a full blown inauguration at the beginning of his second term? I think not.
  4. Well considering that the first inauguration was done on the quick and cheap, cause of the voting snafu in our great state; I find it OK to have a big shindig...and what the hell is $17M when compared to other thing. :roll:
  5. To the city of Washington D.C., which you know has better things to worry about, it's a hugh strain on their budget.
  6. Maybe their mayor needs to cut back on his hooker and crack consumption. 8O

    Seriously, the strain is not that great it is blown way out of proportion and the media would not be making any hay of this were it a democrat. They had no problem with Billary throwing a huge shindig on his second inauguration. The media still hasn't gotten over the fact that Bush won, and anything they can do to make him look bad they will. Besides only happens once every four years.
  7. You are missing my point. I don't care which President we are talking about, does a second term President need a full blown inauguration? I think it is a waste of time and money and should be cut was back. If Bush (or any President) wants to have a second shindig, let them pay for it out of thier own pocket.
  8. So no public swearing in ceremony? 2nd term president goes to Capitol Hill, they find an office or broom closet he takes the oath and that's it? No parade, no dignataries, nothing he get's sworn in and that's it?

    Just trying to understand the point, since the majority of expenses in question...the $17M, is for security surrounding the swearing in, and subsequent parade. The balls and gala's are paid for with donations and ticket sales and are funded by the $40M in donations you quoted in the first post.

    Look it was not to long ago that the press [print and tv] were bemoaning the fact that Dubya was a dullard, didn't throw parties, state dinners, etc...and as such DC was becoming a boring town for socialites. Now a party is being thrown and there bemoaning at what it will cost, and failing to note that the cost incurred to the City State and Fed is for security and not for beer and chips.
  9. Exactly!! :D They can televise it, if he wants. :wink:

    It just seems like a waste of money. Let him do whatever he likes, so long as it is on his own dime.
  10. absolute waste of tax payers money, ok the parties themselves are mostly funded by arrse kissing donations but the security side of it (?$17 million) is coming from your tax dollars.
    and you lot wont even get a drink out of it!! disgraceful!!
  11. Ah yes but that is what the taxes are for in the first place, security and defence.

    So corp when do we start? Next election, or the one after that why just the second term why not both terms?
  12. Start next election. New President? Here's your inauguration, sky's the limit. Get re-elected? Do what you want, but it's on your own dime.

    I understand the ceremony behind the inauguration, just one per customer, please.
  13. to provide security for a pish up for a tiny minority?
  14. I believe that when Mr. Fox said "tiny minority", he was referring to the number of people that would actually attend the events connected to the inauguration.

    Good website, lots of info.