Do we need to fail?

I'm not advocating this view but I readily admit to being hacked of at constantly having to adapt and improvise. The question I ask is 'How long can successive Governments continue to underfund the Armed Services before we all say fcuk it?' I love my job but constant cuts, underfunding, deployments etc are continuing to take their toll and I see a constant stream of soldiers who wish to sign off. The base line question is ' :?: Do we have to lose to eventually win?'
LWM, good question, not sure if i know the answer, ive had too much to drink :oops:


a philosophical question " lose to eventually win" i would hate to lose it would make the Army look stupid but however that may be what's needed to do it

if the Argies had waited a bit longer, we mite have scrapped our ships, before invading the falklands as some of the warships WERE lined up for the chop by John Nott :twisted: had that had happened there would have been a lot of red faces about with blame thrown about and Thatcher mite have been frorced to resign for her short sightedness i see a parallel with pre war WW2 UK cost cutting the army to the bare bones and the german invade chamberlain was forced to resign
Being so good at pulling 'Nut's out of fires' has done us no favour's. The ability (at all levels) to improvise, although commendable and the envyof other Ntions Armed Forces has done nothing more than provide the Politicians the ammunition to make further cut's. After all we did it didn't we, with what we had :?: :?: :roll: 8O

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