Do we need to be scared?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hammy123, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. I call it sweet revenge for the Vikings and Cod Wars!!!
  2. They could threaten us with more Bjork music...... instant surrender if Ihave anything to do with it.
  3. hey, if the government feel it's ok to arrest a heckler using anti terrorism laws, everyone can be considerend a terrorist.
  4. No asylum seekers coming from there then...... now if we can just do the same.....

    But seriously, if their Prime Minister states that he has no intention of honouring their bank's promises, does he expect us to be pleased?
  5. Go on Gordon, do for Iceland what New Labour did for Britain!

    Let them haddock!
  6. Have you seen that Athletic Tw@t in Lazytown. If they're all like that we'll have to reform the Home Guard
  7. I'll be defecting. And if that makes me a terrorist Gordon, you're welcome to seize my so-called assets. The fact that I have none due to you taxing me to the hilt every 28th for once leaves me quite happy!
  8. We probably need to be more scared of a Stalinist government that is prepared to invoke completely inappropriate laws to achieve its aims. I can understand why the Icelanders are angry, I was fcuking furious to discover that anti-terror legislation was used to freeze assets, in spite of having my ISA invested there and consequently at risk.

    When I think of the hoops we had to jump though in Northern Ireland to make sure the case stuck against the terrorist, and I see this government treating the law (its own law) with such disrespect it makes my blood boil!

    Mutter, mutter, seethe, seethe....
  9. Im still confused as to why so many Brits has assests stored in Iceland. Anyone else?
  10. I'm sorry, as much as I sympathise with the Icelandics for Gordo's shameless misuse of A/T legislation I cannot get past the fact that Amy Winehouse is described in that link as "talented" 8O
  11. Iceland's principal contributor to its own economy was banking. It got rich off the backs of its investors by offering better interest rates. Win-win situation, until there's a credit crunch. Many financial advisers (like mine) recommended Iceland, but with an economy built only on banking, when the banks go t1ts up, so does the whole country. There's no industrial base to speak of, just banks and tourism.

    That's tourism, Gordon, not fcuking terrorism, can't you hear straight either while you're talking pure sh1te with your strangulated vowels?
  12. My bold - thank fcuk the Swiss have army knifes and cuckoo clocks to fall back on!!!
  13. Serves their right for using the fat mental bird who used to be in Atomic Kitten in their adverts. And their Turkey Twizzlers are effin' bumpin'.