Do we need the RAF anymore?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by kilo42, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Do we need the RAF any more, or should we just leave the UK's air defence to the R.N? While we are at it should the Army be the only bit of the forces with guys on the ground, they could absorb the marines and Rock apes I would have thought.
  2. Get rid of the raf regiment for a start
  3. Sub contract to Bristows?
  4. Good God man steady, the RLC needs someone to make them look good!
    Much as we green clad bods love to mock the RAF they do, occaisionally, earn their cushty lifestyles. Libya and their chipperchoppering in dusty paces being good examples.
  5. Why not simply wait for midnight on March 31st, 2018. The Fairy Godmother will appear and with a wave of her magic wand all the Crabs will be gone.
  6. :)
    The raf regiment are a waste of money, time and resources
  7. Never heard that one before.
  8. Typical Crab trick!
    Post a teaser and then edit and add ridiculous absorbtion comments.
    The Royal Marines would never stoop to combining with the Army, their dress sense is awful!
    The Rockapes would wither as they'd be expected to actually leave the environs of an establishment with Coke machines, Walls Ice Cream on tap and full air con in all one man rooms.
  9. If you want to sit around guarding an airfield for the rest of your career crack on. Some people are grateful that is taken care of.
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  10. Do we need them any more? No, but then we don't need them any less either.
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  11. We all know that, but there's only so many Group4 and Securicor jobs in civvy street so the worlds Allyest barrier lifters keeps inadequates off street corners until vacancies become available.
  12. Tired, same old arguments. You Army types have always felt intellectually inferior, and just like all the sad working class unionist blubbing every time they see a clever old Etonian or Harrovian running the country, you feel that the only way that you can put everything right is to abolish that which you do not understand, nor could every belong to!

    Now, be good chaps and run along, haven't you all got something mentally challenging to do, like polish some boots or stroke a tank?
  13. Nothing that the raf police couldn't take care of Or if the police are way too special then give the job to the mpgs.
  14. As an ex RAF rigger whose uniform was so impregnated with OM15 that it was liable to burst into flame if I tried to iron it, I was never someone who was much for the glamour of the uniform, and did you ever see RAF issue K.D FFS? However I think your big white hats make you look like effin mushrooms. As for the army, don't get me started on all their poncey frippery, bloody tarts.