Do we need REME TA?


I'l admit i never met a class one TA armourer, think two of the lads on my class two course did the same class three course with me two years earlier (which had six people in it). At the time (2003 ish) i think there was probably less than ten TA armourers in the country. Not many people walked into TAC's and said they wanted to be an armourer. I got twenty mins persusion off the recruiters at my local TAC to be a signaller, they gave up. Passed me onto the REME like i asked and got another twenty mins trying to tell me to be a storeman or VM


Why anyone would want to join any career civvy/Army or otherwise, as a storeman, is totally beyond my comprehension.


To clarify: was trying to say that even someone who wasnt clever enough to hold a spanner could be a storeman.
Well, that brings us to that elusive beast, the REME Tech Storeman/ Regimental Specialist.
"They seek him here, they seek him there..."

Depending on what day of the week it is, in the TA the RS trade is in fashion, out of fashion, or shaking it all about in a strange fashion, but in general all the ally boys (and a fair number of broken or retread infantry) went into the RS trade. This was usually sold as 'Infantry specialist' with RS carrying infantry weight on AFT, and usually doing the mil skills training side.

Since not even I can be SuperSoldier every day of the week, their day job when not training the rest of the Bn in warry things was in the Stores.

That then came in quite handy, as the career path tended to go Stores-CQMS-CSM-RSM.
(Not sure if it's quite the same in the Regs, though.)
You still get some blanket stackers, as ever, but you also find some very keen lads in the trade.

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