Do we need REME TA?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Unknown_SPSI, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. The Div Deputy Comd recently visited my Sub unit and asked everyone present, " why do I need REME TA", not unusally noobdy could give him an answer. He asked this because he stated that at present REME TA were just over2,000 manned yet only 42 REME TA personnel are currently on OPs. I believe that he thinks that its just not cost effective, and looking at the figures I think may have a point.

    Putting aside the fact that most Trademen, apart from the Nationally recruited who are generally Ex-Reg, are " hobbyists" ie not vocationally qualified( a two week basic and a two week Class 1 is all they recieve) . Do you out there in the field force see them as needed reservists and a valuable asset.
  2. Who else is going to replace a faulty indicator???
  3. Really? Is that it?!! How are they supposed to be skilled in any sort of mechanical discipline in that time, let alone time in the Small Arms wing to become competent on the weapons systems themselves? That's ludicrous.
  4. well seeing as everytime I pick a spanner or screw driver up to fix something simple on my wagon and I get shouted at so I have to go and grab one of the reme guys to do the simple job yep we need them

    And if there is only 42 on ops out of 2000 why dont the MOD compulsory mobilise more if they need more, none of the reme bods in my sub unit have jobs that would let them volunteer easily (mind you there are only 7 and 2 of them are armourers) there wouldnt be a problem with genuine compulsory mobs as we had a fair few deploy between 2003-2005 during the genuine compulsory mobs
  5. True that does seem to be a bit of a waste however the fact that there are 42 Territorial REME on Ops surely means that they are indeed needed and I'll stick my neck out and hazard a guess that the 42 currently out there would be the most qualified. However those still in the UK would be needed to service the white and green fleet here as well as going through training etc.

    I'm not REME so I'm not sure how you do things but as a CS Op anyone going on tour had to be at least Class 2.
  6. the grown ups in my mob only let people join the reme now if they have civi engineering/mechanical/electical quals this has been in operation for 2 years or so now
  7. Fair enough, but 4 weeks training to become a Class1 Armr is dangerous.
  8. you have met the 2 armourers in my mob then :) our lot are mostly VM's and VE's they dont like recruiting people to be armourers at our place as there are no PIDs for extra gun monkeys
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Points to note:

    1. There are precious few 'hobbyists' in REME TA. There were, but not now. There are trades that you can learn in sufficient depth to be deployable, while in the TA (Stores, Recy Mech) but certainly not VM, Armr, etc. Experience has shown that deployed 'hobbyists' are not a deal of use. Unless they have a second skill (air con engineer, for example) then they end up servicing trailers for six months. still, someone's got to do it.

    2. There may be only 42 deployed now. There have been larger - much larger - numbers deployed at previous times. For TELIC 2/3, most REME (and other CSS) were TA, and we are talking well into 3 figures here.

    3. REME TA includes many who keep the TA going - true enablers, without whom many other, non-REME, Units would not be able to train,

    However..... these arguments for the retention of REME TA change if we assume that we will a) never deploy in a massive group again, and b) when Units finally lose what is left of their equipment, vehicles and (quite likely in the future) personal weapons.
  10. Unfortunately not true, recently had an ASM freind of mind take 7 of his guys off his orbat to make way for 7 TA guys, reason being is that DEME(A) are trying to push for a minimum of 10% of REME deployed to be TA. I'll let you guess why. Hint - politics

    Again very wrong, of the 5 I have just sent out only one was a vocational trademan, the rest was a telephone center operator, a hairdresser, a housewife/mum and a Butchers mate.
  11. So what's the point? You'll just make the full-time tradesman have twice as much work to do. Do their own work, and check the work that the TA bods have done.
  12. It all comes back to the if they aint needed dont send them thing if they are genuinly needed call them up properly but dont shit can all of them just becuase they are not needed right at this moment (**** me this makes me feel dirty defending the REME scumers I am off to gargle some sewage to make me feel clean again)
  13. Again unfortunately this is what is happening, even a class 1 can't sign off his/her own work as is not deemed legally competent. Really makes thier class status irrelevant. The nationally recruited however are vocational trademan as most of them are ex-reg and therefore its not an issue.
  14. Not quite true, (admittedly the reality is little better) but to become a Class 1 Armourer I had to complete a 2 week Class 3 course, complete a minimum 12 months service in-trade, another 2 week Class 2 course, a further 12 months in-trade and then you could attend the 2 week Class 1 course. The SPSI had to confirm that you had been employed regularly in-trade and had met unit performance targets.
    A poor substitue for full time employment I will readily concede, but some of us (I include myself) did a pretty good job as vouched for by Regular (Armourer) colleagues.
  15. From what some of you are saying things have certainly changed since the days of the SLR that I remember. Our REME TA incr was made up of probably 50% ex-Regs and 50% very experienced/qualified tradesmen who were a great boost to our workshop. Most were skilled way beyond their particular discipline.
    But then again, the UK's heavy industry & apprenticeships have all gone, haven't they. I also have never heard of a 4 week Class one Craftsman unless he was already highly qualified in his trade; as a matter of fact I only ever knew of one who came straight in as a Class 1.

    Times change, sure enough....................bring back the SLR!