Do we need another John Lennon?

I swear that Canada's secret weapon is to churn out shit music, and make the world hate us.

1. Justin Bieber
2. Celine Dion
3. Brian Adams

You get the idea, and there's many more who can be added to the list. Now a Canadian John Lennon? Isn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?
Oh please...:-x That is SO last century. We don't need, as another poster said, another King of the Hippies, especially if it means resurrecting Yoko Ono and dragging her into the light. Brrrr! :cyclopsani: He had a certain talent, but it got side-tracked when he met that Asian wench.

Here he is with his wife on the Dick Cavette Show, talking utter rubbish dressed in his de rigeur Army surplus costume. :roll:

John Lennon Cavette Show.JPG
He was good comedy value though.

Sang about being a 'working class hero' when he was a middle-class art school wanker; sang 'imagine no possessions' whilst living in a fucking great mansion with a garage full of Rolls-Royces.

The pretentious, hypocritical cunt.
Eh Dentist...... Last I heard they were good at tooth extractions, root canal fillings and amalgam fillings etc - didn't know they did cloning and DNA type work thought that was the remit of scientists, just cause its got an "ist" on the end, don't mean its gonna happen.... Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I think our dentist friend been taking some....

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