Do we need another 26 counties


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Well it will give places for the troops to go as they withdraw from Germany ;-P :bom:
He said: "Now look at the mess we're in and look at the mess this country is in.

"Next year the Queen is talking about coming to Ireland for a state visit.

"Maybe we should say to the Queen when she comes 'you know, we have our own independence now, we'll hand you back the country and we'll apologise for the mess that we're after making of it.

"Because at least when they were running the country they didn't put it into the mess and the hock that we are in now."
A fine bit of heckling. If only he could have followed it up by kneeing that useless hoor Lenihan in the nuts it would be perfect.


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What it really means is that as usual one of the former "colonies" has made such a mess of it they want to get on the gravy train and help bleed Great Britain dry like the rest of the international spongers.
Well it will give places for the troops to go as they withdraw from Germany ;-P :bom:
They can look for all those dead nuns in the Liffey.
That would give us 6 years to plan the centenary of the Easter Rising. Maybe use one of the new aircraft carriers to shell O'Connell Street, and then we can hang Gerry and Martin at Mountjoy. That sounds like a plan!
This story simply proves that old adage

"why are the Irish so stupid? .... So the English can understand them!"

Has the makings of a joke though.
There were three politicians, an English Politician, Scottish Politician and an Irish Politician.
Ted, the English Politician turns to the others and says "hey I am going to give away national sovereignty to Europe"
Gordon, the Scottish Politician turns to the others and says, "Och that is nowt I am going to give away the Nation's fiscal future!"
Mick, the Irish politician, is impressed. After a second he says "I am going to give moi nation to yews boiys!"

Baboom, tish.
My coat, oh how kind!
Best it never happens though, the septics would want to hand back next, then India,'n then Pakistan 'n then everry other fucked up "Independent developing nation", Nah!, fuck 'em, leave well alone, were fucked up enough on our own...........oh and European Union as well...............................Anyone want a busted nation, going cheap?.
Good ploy. We take it back, get a verbal kicking for imposing harsh cuts to get it back into the red, they make sure that the economy is sound again, then start another fight for independence. They are not as fucking stupid as you think. :)

A better bet would be for the UK to take them over, declare war upon the USA and then surrender the following week. Job jobbed.
Have you read 'The mouse that roared' ?

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