Do we need 4 supervisory roles.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BlackHat, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. With the communication world swiftly heading towards digitisation is there still a requirement for four supevisory roles; Supvr (IS) soon to be FofS Info Sys ?, FofS, YofS and Supvr (Radio).

    Which, if any of these roles could be combined and which are just money for old rope.
  2. Definetly combine the FOSs.

    Will cut back on alot of promotions and posts though.

    Wait and give some of us a chance first:)
  3. If you listen to MCM there is talk of a 5th Supervisory role....

  4. we will never have one 'god' who will be the master of all.

    Thats why we have the rosters we have today - its a shame those upstairs can't use their crystal balls and see what a world of sh*t the corps will be in one day when our supervisors have no broad ranging experience

    hope to god no one person has to manage bowman, cormorant and falcon on the same ex/op......
  5. bring it on! ... where was that don't post while pissed thread :?:
  6. Ahhh...the cable infra WO in trade huh? Excellent idea. Bloody daft for good inst techs to switch to RD so early in their careers. Bring it on.

    Presumably the vast majority of these guys will be 10 Sigs assets then.
  7. BINGO!!

    Good to see someone WAS listening at the back :wink: